Perspective- getting it and changing it.

Dachia- writer, speaker, storyteller

Changing your perspective can be the difference between suffering and happiness. I was recently in a conversation via the comment section of my blog that got me thinking. It was a line of thought I had had many times, but this time I felt a clearer understanding of one aspect of it. I do a […]

Getting more done by widening the net


For some time now I’ve been trying to narrow my focus, niche down… take a few irons out of the fire. And this is what I’ve learned: There are lots of people who are trying to do too much at one time and therefore are really doing nothing. Expert advice abounds that we need to […]


Dachia- Casterbating

I learned a new word recently. Not only did I use it in a few sentences, but I really embraced the meaning and lived it in my life. That word is Casterbating. Casterbating is a word coined in the wonderful world of podcasting. At least I think it is a wonderful world. I spend so […]

The Cancer Coach

Dachia-The Cancer Coach

I lost my mom to cancer 10 years ago. She had been diagnosed at stage 4, colon cancer. My family and I had already changed our lifestyles before the diagnosis, but it wasn’t enough to turn around something that probably had been growing for many years. During her treatment, we threw ourselves into research. Our […]

Making Peace with Your Resolutions

New Years

I rarely go out or celebrate with friends, but I still love this holiday. Why? Because it is a time when so many people are thinking about their future. Making plans. Imagining themselves but better and happier. They are giving thought to what they can do, actions they can take to achieve their newly formed […]

Embracing Technology and Applications

Dachia- Writer, Speaker, Storyteller

As much as I love Star Trek and everything Sci-fi, and consider myself a nerd, mostly of movies, and a dork… in just about everything else, I have to admit that my technological skills have been lacking. I may refer to my smart phone as a tricorder, but straight up, I rarely use it for […]

My Fellow Travelers

Dachia- Writer, Speaker, Storyteller

I’ve been on the road the last couple weeks and wanted to share a few of my thoughts. As I pass or am passed by the trucks and cars and of course, the travelers who have personally experienced the awesomeness of a minivan and therefore have one, I find myself wondering who these people are? […]

Appropriate Selfishness

Dachia- writer, Speaker, Storyteller

Some years ago, I coined 2 phrases. That is to say I put a couple words together that I had not heard put together in that way, but given there are over 7 billion people in the world, it would seem unlikely that those particular words had not been put together in that manner ever […]