Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Safeguards

Dachia hanging in tree

The more we try to reduce risk and make everybody safer, the more at risk we become. The reasons for this are varied. One reason is that it is human nature, evidenced by just about every social program we have, that when something is created to help or fix a problem, the rest of us […]

Haters gonna hate.


Over the years, I had witnessed an interesting human behavior. There are certain needs that people have. One is the need to belong. It is similar to the need for security. A comfort zone. People become very emotional and reactionary when their comfort zones are messed with. Take diet for example. Just about any group […]

Lessons Learned In Death


Most of you are not aware that my only sister passed away last month at a very young age. This post is not to discuss the current diagnosis and treatment systems of serious illnesses. This post is not to rant about the unfairness of my loss. This post is to share with you what I […]

Nerds of Tomorrow

I consider myself a nerd. I may not be technologically savvy, even if I am the go-to tech guru in the family (that is not saying much), but I do love technology. I’m a die hard fan of almost all sci-fi, especially Star Trek The Next Generation, although all the incarnations are awesome. I don’t […]

Why you should join or create a Mastermind


Some years ago, I was part of a mastermind. It disbanded when the leader moved across the country and we felt, at that time, that trying to continue our connection with the tools available at the time, would be very difficult. And to be honest, as much as I enjoyed it, I didn’t really see […]

Perspective- getting it and changing it.

Dachia- writer, speaker, storyteller

Changing your perspective can be the difference between suffering and happiness. I was recently in a conversation via the comment section of my blog that got me thinking. It was a line of thought I had had many times, but this time I felt a clearer understanding of one aspect of it. I do a […]

Getting more done by widening the net


For some time now I’ve been trying to narrow my focus, niche down… take a few irons out of the fire. And this is what I’ve learned: There are lots of people who are trying to do too much at one time and therefore are really doing nothing. Expert advice abounds that we need to […]


Dachia- Casterbating

I learned a new word recently. Not only did I use it in a few sentences, but I really embraced the meaning and lived it in my life. That word is Casterbating. Casterbating is a word coined in the wonderful world of podcasting. At least I think it is a wonderful world. I spend so […]