Hi, I’m Dachia.

A creative, expressive, talkative tiny empire builder, with happiness as the goal. Also a full-time, stay at home Dog Mom, so happiness is kind of low-hanging fruit.

Added bonus- I’m here to help you live at your 100%.


—— Positive Impact Change Agent

I am in love with possibility; particularly human possibility. We each have so much potential. So much to share and express. However, it’s my opinion that we see less and less of that potential in the world.

As a whole, we seem less comfortable with ourselves. Less able to express. And we are less happy.

I’ve spent years trying to figure out my own obstacles to my personal happiness. I’ve made some breakthroughs.

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My Projects

Like most people, I have lots of interests. One of the many benefits of being a full-time, stay at home Dog Mom is that I can partake in my many interests. I work on my sites on the deck, in the company of my dogs. I weed and mow while under their careful supervision. I research and write from the couch… which is usually crowded… which is why I have another couch, a loveseat, 3 recliners and two papasan chairs… but I digress.

My point here is that the more control you take over your life, the more you can enjoy it. I’m here to help you take control and make whatever changes you decide to: Creating a tiny empire; Adopting a dog; Sharing some thoughts; Whatever it is…