Hey there! Welcome back to Focus on You! A podcast dedicated to the individual with something to say but not quite sure how to say it. I’m Dachia. I am a soon to be work from home, full time dog mom.

I’ve been busy since last I batched these podcasts. On Dec 25, I decided I needed to do something more with my websites.

A brief backstory. I promise, it will be brief… for me.

I started blogging in like 2003. I was on the blogger or blogspot platform. At that time, I saw that bloggers were making money with ads and as affiliates.

As a writer who has never had writers block and always with something to say, I was excited.

But I shared this idea with somebody who had no knowledge of blogging or really anything about the internet… my dad. And he proceeded to logic and rationalize me out of this dream.

So, many years later, I stumble upon several people who are offering education and courses in doing the same thing but the current iteration.

This time, I’m not talking to anybody about it. Except you.

If you happen to be taking notes on life experiences that can save you a great deal of pain and suffering in your future, please take note of this.. be careful who you share your ideas with. And be more careful from whom you take advice. If they are not in the arena, spilling their blood along with you, their advice is likely not useful.

That’s the back story. I told you I’d be brief.

I’ve been slowly buying up a small portfolio of domain names. … it’s a sickness…And because it costs me nothing extra, I throw up a website for them. I enjoy building and poking around and changing websites. I like creating images and posting content.

I’ve been doing it for years as a hobby, with no real strategy in mind.

I currently have about 20 sites up. I don’t worry about some of them being ‘under construction’ should a visitor stumble upon it.

Each one is unique and interesting to me and I have ideas on what I want it to be. And to be honest… I have ideas for 2 more domains and sites…

On Dec 26, I created a plan. I would work on one site in particular for a couple or 3 months and then get another one going, with the big picture goal of having 3 sites going in about 6 months.

Now, when I first came up with this plan, which was and still is based on several plans and courses and suggestions I found online and made some Changs for me. But when I first came up with this plan, I was thinking that the other two websites that would be part of this phase one would be two of the newer site ideas. I didn’t recognize that I already had a couple other sites already going with some traffic and some history.

So, my focus will be on the new site and two other ones that are not so new.

But rather than take the other 18 or so down in the meantime, I’ll continue to use those as my creative fodder. I like to tinker on my sites. I get ideas. It gets my creative juices flowing.

Another big picture goal is that I would not be keeping ALL of these sites forever and ever. I’m paying attention to other business owners with podcasts and sites etc and I’m noticing how much work their particular niche involves. For some, involved in recent news and events, they are busy every day. People go to their site or youtube channel to get the latest news.

I respect that… but I don’t want to be that tied to one thing so much so that I can’t take a break without it being noticed.

Or a niche where the information changes.

Out of these 20 or so sites, at least 5 of them are sites that I would consider work intensive. And ultimately my goal is what people refer to as Evergreen.

Evergreen is a topic that basically just is. It doesn’t really change much if at all.

I just checked Google for a god definition of this and ahrefs.com had this little snippet. ‘What is evergreen content? Evergreen content is content that doesn’t go out of date. It revolves around a topic that’s always relevant to readers, regardless of the current news cycle or season. Its name comes from the evergreen—a plant that retains its green leaves all year round.’

So, those 5 non-evergreen topics will be interesting to build, but then I’ll sell those sites.

Of the about 15 that will be left, a few of them are also not evergreen, but the topic is very personal to me and I want to keep it alive.

Now, how do I create an income with this plan?

Well… affiliate links, ads on the page, and a few digital products that I have in mind.

The plan, for me, is very visual. I don’t think I could really describe how I hope it will flow. But I’m planing for the first 3 sites to take about a year before there is any decent income from them, and the income from 2 of them, again, hopefully, will allow me to come home and be a stay at home dog mom and put more time into the plan. The income from that third site, would be reinvested into the other sites, as they come up on my plan, so that I can outsource the content creation as much as possible.

I’ll be hiring outside writers to write the content and then I’ll be formatting and adding subheadings etc, and posting it and then promoting it on other channels.

This will not be easy. And it will take 1 year to have any income, possibly two years, which is what I have planned for, and then a total of 4 years for all to be built and start offering a handful for sale.

In the meantime, I’m not really doing much differently than I was, except now, instead of just creating content and doing research and poking around in a site for a while, I have a strategy.

My goal is to become a full-time stay at home dog mom. And I created another site to document that journey and I’m hoping it will encourage other would-be dog moms and dads to make a change in their life and make a plan.

If I can help you do that, I’m happy to.

I have an opinion that has been growing over the many years about just what it takes to work from home and just what we can offer as individuals. I’m gonna get more into that next week.

In the meantime, if you want to follow the journey and maybe make some notes to help you create your own, go to dogmom.me . And if you have any questions or want to share a story about your own path, drop me a voicemail, the button is on the side of that sites pages.

I’ll be back next week. Hope you are too. Bye for now.

Oh, also, sorry.. one more thing… if you get something useful out of this podcast, I’d be grateful for a review wherever you listen to podcasts. If you don’t get anything out of this… why are you here? 

See ya next week.