Hey there! Dachia here.
Welcome back to Your Tiny Empire. I’m happy to have you here. This is the place to be if you are a newbie to the online world and you have something to say but not sure how to say it.

I wanted to restate something I’ve touched on in the past, but bears repetition. You may be like me in a couple ways. One way is that you have SO many ideas… that you don’t know where to start.

I remember when I first started thinking about doing a podcast 5 years ago, I was told I was lucky I had so many ideas. Because apparently, there are people who can’t think of an idea to podcast about.

I know…

I had lots of ideas. And I still do. Having so many ideas was just one excuse I used to not start podcasting. I finally just grabbed an idea and dove in.

And I’m very glad I did. I actually grabbed 3 ideas and dove in. One of them has morphed into this podcast. One of them is a daily affirmations podcast and because of its surprising popularity has given me the idea to do several ore affirmation podcasts directed at particular groups.. one of them being police officers.

And the 3rd podcast was fun to do, but nobody seemed to be listening… so after several months, I just closed it up and deleted it.

Now, I have fresh ideas for new projects daily.

So many ideas that there are two things to point out. I tend to constantly be thinking of newer and greater things to try and often they are just sidetracking me from the big picture.

Maybe I have an unrecognized fear of success. Maybe I’m just really impatient and need constant shiny objects. I don’t know what all the great ideas are to me subconsciously. I do think they are great ideas… but the idea that I could actually move on all of them is just silly. And that’s when I have to take a moment… or a week… and determine if this is an idea that is just going to sidetrack me. Is it an idea that really does make sense… and if so, is this an idea I need to do something with sooner or later?

I have ideas that are great, but for various reasons, I cannot move on just yet. And again, I have to question my reasons for putting them off. Am I just procrastinating? Am I afraid of failure? Or am I logically putting it off for a better time?

For example, I one day want to have episode artwork. Meaning that I want each episode to have a distinct look from the others. This will require a fair amount of investment of time. While I like the idea, it’s just not more important than current projects like actually batching the podcasts.

I have an idea for a couple evergreen podcasts, one on why and how to podcast, directed toward people like me who just need some simple starter advice and can figure a great deal out on our own.

There are a few podcasts out there that tell you what equipment to buy and the person will sell it to you, and tell you every little thing involved in getting started and how to get intro music and yada yada yada. And I’ve said this before and will continue to say it, those perfect processes kept me from progressing for 4 years.

I had to have the right art work, and learn how to edit and what is my title and who is my audience… I’m telling you, it was quicksand for me. Analysis paralysis. It wasn’t until I just dove in and had to swim that it started to clear up for me. I found my voice, my purpose ad my rhythm. I had no special equipment and my artwork literally was a free image off pixabay and text from Canva… Done.

My intro and outro music was and still is, free music from the youtube library.

One day, I anticipate having some unique music for my casts.. but it just is not that important. One day, I’ll tweak or completely change my art work. But it’s just not at the top of the list.

When I think about these questions, I think about the podcasts I listen to and what I see when I do a search. And some of the podcasts I listen to have wonderful professional artwork. And some others… well… they don’t. And I don’t think it makes any difference to me.

If I do a search, I’ll check out the descriptions and how recent the last episode was posted and I’ll listen a bit. And if it sounds like something I’d like or benefit from, I’ll subscribe.

But I don’t spend much time looking at the artwork.

And I don’t spend a lot of thought on whether I like the intro music. I do sometimes say to myself, “this is too long… start talking already.”

As a podcaster, I do notice whether the intro and outro are formulaic and whether they are doing something that I can do and save time with. But that’s about it. So, for now, I don’t concern myself with changing the music or the art work.

And I mentioned that I’ll be creating a few more podcasts of daily affirmations for particular groups.. my energy and focus will be on finding and writing good affirmations for that group. I’ll again grab some music from the free youtube library and throw together some artwork that is clear to see and somehow sales the feel of the podcast,, but that’s it.

My current affirmations podcast has 48,000 downloads. That’s from just starting it this year. It has about 400 regular listeners.

I hope that my next affirmation projects garner the same or better attention. If I can improve the listener experience, I’ll do that. Do I need to cancel out more background noise? Is this mic still good enough?

I just don’t think that the artwork is that important at this stage.

Now.. I will say that if I were doing a podcast where I were competing with many polished shows, with recognizable people, then yeah… I might spend some time on my artwork.

Does that make sense? I just don’t think that in my niche and my current level, that I need to do much on that front.

I may have gotten a bit off topic her. My point to all this is that having lots of ideas is a great thing. We need to judge each one and determine if it is just going to derail us. Is it an idea ew should move on right now and for good reasons? Or is it an idea we should strategically put off?

You may just be getting started with youtube and just getting your groove there… and you have a great idea fora facebook page. Where is your audience? Is the facebook group going to derail you from YouTube? Can you do both well?

Or… should you get a notebook and takes detailed notes about this idea and others you are going to have, and put a pin in it? Pencil in a date to either start working on it or adae to revisit it and determine if you still want it on your eventually agenda.



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