You may be thinking that given recent events in my personal life that I have closed a door to personal relationships. I thought I was going to, as well.

No need to rehash the details, but I thought I was involved in something that I wasn’t. And I was looking forward to single-hood again when I made a call to somebody I hardly know. I needed to to talk to somebody who wasn’t involved in any of that story. And everybody I knew, already was.

I talked to a near stranger for 2 hours. That was more talking than I had done in a month with … well… the ‘guy’.

But enough about him… 🙂

Let’s talk about me… and what has changed. I had been blissfully single for a number of years. Only concern about me. Eat when I’m hungry. Let dishes pile up. If I wake up at 3 AM, I get some work done and maybe take a nap later. I expect nothing from anyone and nothing is expected from me.

I think that might be something I’ve been missing. Especially after meeting someone who wanted no expectations of him at all.

Not sure what all this amounts to. Maybe nothing. I really do enjoy being single. Just find myself open to the possibility of something different. But whatever it is… it needs to be real. And drama free. I’ve missed that, too.

I think there is the possibility for all these things to be checked off. But I’m in no hurry.