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Welcome back to Focus on Your Small Business. Your Tiny Empire. A podcast for the single entrepreneur, or solopreneur, to learn what’s still working in the online world… and what’s not. And today another reminder of what doesn’t work, but is still a popular myth… and that myth is that having likes on your page is super important… when the truth is that far fewer likes is way better if they are engaged.

I was on facebook doing a search for blog-related pages and one of the top returns looked like a great page on the surface. Nearly 7,000 likes.

So, I looked at the posts and saw that other people rarely post. I did see that the page owner responded to each one. But overall, very little engagement on the page,

I noticed a tab titled Contests and checked it out. The page owner ran a contest… for likes. He gave away a Macbook air. He got nearly 2,000 likes or entries…. Gee.. ya think?

So, he has a lot of likes. Nearly 7,000 is a great following, if they are actually following and engaging.

However having a fraction of that number of real followers… people who love to get on Facebook to go check you out.. ok, perhaps I should clarify that, as being checked out on Facebook is often just creepy… but people who tune in to your page or group and read what you write, laugh at your jokes, respond in comments, share your post… Those are the people you want. 

And to state again there is a group of people… a very large group, that you do not want on your page or in your group. They are wonderful people. You may work with them. Or they may be customers or clients or you went to high school together… but that does not mean that YOUR interest and purpose for a page or group is interesting to them.

I recently looked at all my ‘likes’ recently, all the pages I’ve liked and groups I had joined… and many that I honestly didn’t recognize, because likely somebody invited me and I wanted to be supportive so I liked their page.

And I unliked a couple hundred pages and left a bunch of groups. I’m not being supportive for liking and joining.. I’m being supportive by giving that page a better chance of reaching somebody who really wants to see it and engage with it, by stepping out f the way.

How many pages have you liked that you have unfollowed?

Go through and unlike them and from now on, be a bit more… what’s the word… discerning, in the future. I get invitations to like a page a few times every day. And I decline.

If I recognize the name of the person who has invited me, I’ll send them a direct message of a canned response briefly explaining why I’m not going to like their page or join their group. One reason is so they they don’t take it personally. Another reason is that I HOPE they will refrain from continually inviting me. And another reason is I hope to indirectly help people understand what I’ve just being saying to you… that they don’t want just any Tom, Dick, or Harry liking their page.

That’s all for today. I’ll be back next Monday and I hope you’ll join me. In the meantime, come join the conversation on Facebook IF it is something that interests you. Search for Your Tiny Empire on Facebook. Have a great week. Remember it’s all up to you… with a little bit of me.