Welcome back to Focus on You. The podcast for people with something to say, and not quite sure how to say it. I’m Dachia.

Last week I told you a little about one of my favorite you tubers , Viva Frei. He was doing a live chat with Mandy something who has a channel called Body Language Ghost. It turns out that she had a channel before this one but Youtube killed it.

Not sure if you are aware, but Youtube is not a big proponent of free speech and they definitely lean left So when somebody points out some BS from one of their favorites… they demonetize, they strike, they ban.

And they are not alone. Both Facebook and Twitter have been called on the carpet numerous times for their censorship.

But here’s the thing. These are private companies who can pretty much do whatever they want. If they lean left (which they do) and maybe you lean right, they can pretty much disappear you from their platform.

So, this gal Viva was talking to had a couple hundred thousand subscribers, and YouTube was playing their game of demonetize and strike and eventually, with pretty much no provocation, they killed the channel.

This is my advice.

I’ve been saying for years that somebody needs to create another platform that DOES support free speech. Where a person can give advice on what gun to buy and pointing out where a democrat or republican has lied and not worry about their livelihood being taken away.

But we all have to be responsible for ourselves, as well.

Should you be on youtube? Sure… but not JUST there.
Should you be on Facebook? Of course (if you like it) but not to build a business.

I think I recently said something abut this, but I think it bears repeating.

Facebook and youtube are businesses. They are not on your side. They are there to make money. And they happen to have political agendas.

Facebook has put the kibosh on many ideas that the majority opposes, like what they call the anti-vax movement. If you are in favor of choice and not governmental intrusion into your private life and decisions, you are now an anti-vaxxer and you will be shunned… shunned from the largest platform in the world.

If you post something from an actual climate scientist, and it is not what Facebook believes should be shared, they will follow your post with another post that says it has done a fact check. Thus, trying to negate, at the very least, what you have shared.

Facebook has an agenda. Facebook has beliefs.

Facebook is not a platform of free expression. Period. And you may be thinking that your side hustle, your project to bring you home, is not going to be at odds with Facebook. 

Well, let’s dive in a little. Let’s say you are a homesteader and your tiny empire is based on teaching people to be self-sufficient. Growing your own garden, canning, raising livestock, and butchering.

Maybe homeschooling is part of that. Maybe bio-diesel is part of that.

I don’t think we are looking too far into the future for Facebook to be telling you that part of your lifestyle or even all of it, is not in the interest of the greater good. And therefore, it will silence you.

I spend less and less time on facebook just scrolling. I’m there to check on friends, maybe throw a post up to let people now where I am physically or mentally… but I don’t kid myself about what facebook is anymore.

It’s a business with a political agenda.

Again, not saying you should just walk away from facebook, although if that were a possibility, I think I’d be a little envious. But I’ve come to use facebook as a platform for communication through messenger. 

I just want you to see that it is not either what it once was or what we thought it was. And whatever it is, it can change into something else. And also whatever it is, it is not in our control.

Don’t invest in something you have no control over. I don’t mean don’t buy facebook stocks… that is likely a decent investment…. I mean don’t invest in the front end of something you don’t control. Don’t spend time and energy and money building something on facebook… it’s rented land. In fact, it’s not even rented.. it’s on loan.

Same thing for youtube.

Don’t put everything in there either. Have your videos housed elsewhere, along with youtube.

And for both of these platforms, have your home elsewhere. If you are building a tiny empire, a little side hustle, build a simple website. On WordPress.

Why WordPress? Because if you are thinking about Wix or Squarespace, it is the same thing as building on youtube or facebook. You don’t really own it. You cannot just pack it up and move. You DO have a little more ownership, but the monthly charges are outlandish and it gives you no option to just move.

Go with WordPress. Create a simple starter WordPress website and use a free theme in the beginning. This is yours. It is all yours. Paint the walls chartreuse if you want.

Raise the ceiling or make a bedroom into a den or vice versa. It is yours. Do whatever the hell you want to do with it.

And then… you can visit the great houses of youtube and Facebook… and connect with people and one by one invite them back to your place.

Don’t confuse this with building a page or creating a group… that is not actually a gateway to your home.There was a time when it was. When Facebook first offered the option… and then Facebook started charging you for access.

Imagine facebook as an owner of a field. It invites you to come in and set up a table for your stuff to sell or share. Facebook puts a sign on the street inviting people into the field. Then as the field starts to fill in with lots of odd things, and people are coming in and stopping by every booth and oohing and ahhing over this and that, facebook throws up a curtain in front of some stalls. You want people to see your cool stuff or talk about your ideas… pay for the curtain to be dropped.

But you are already there. You’re all set up. So you sigh and pay the quarter, drop the curtain. Next day it’s a buck. 

What was the option? The option is still to not have a booth in their friggin field.. and just be one of the people walking around oohing ahhing and talking to other people about cool stuff.

You are just a profile page… handing out cards. Inviting interesting people back to your house for a beer.

Did I go too far with that analogy?

I possibly did. And there are people who have a large portion or all of their business on their facebook page or group. And they are happy to pay the extortion to access their people.

They are also collecting info about those people so that they can invite them over for a beer from time to time, and they are also making enough money, because they have been in that field a long time, to make it worth paying for access.

Perhaps these people started in the empty field. But most of us now, if we didn’t start back in 2012, we tried to start a booth in the middle of all of these well-known booths and had to start paying right away…

It’s not the same for us anymore. And these gurus who are touting the wonders of facebook, are not in the same position as those of us who did not start a page or group 8 years ago. Just because their methods are working for them does not mean they will work for you.

And of course it seems most of the gurus are making their living AS gurus so convincing you that you can do this too is in their best interest.

What’s in your best interests for your tiny empire is to build on your own land.

Learning to build with WordPress or really any platform, can be frustrating and stressful. There is LOADS of free help out there now.

When I first tried to build a site with WordPress, I think it was probably 2012 or 2013…. Not sure, but I was miserable, and overwhelmed. I just didn’t know where to go to get help for free.

Nowadays? It’s everywhere. I have 16 sites and I like poking around in them. There are so many videos on YouTube or groups on facebook, all for free help. If you have a relative who can put something basic together for you, go for it.

Don’t overthink it. Enjoy the process. I’ve found so much inspiration from building my sites.

Just as I have from starting this podcast and working on episodes.

Just dive in. Don’t worry about what color you want the walls, or what furniture to get.

Just move in and sit in your empty room for bit. 

Have I mentioned I’m a very visual person?

If you check around, you will likely hear costs ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars. I doubt you need to make that sort of investment. If you need some guidance as to what to do, drop me a voicemail on any of my sites, Dachia.com or for this episode, perhaps simplestarterwebsite.com makes more sense.

I want to help you get something going. Let me know how I can.

I’ll be back next week. Bye for now.

Oh, also, sorry.. one more thing… if you get something useful out of this podcast, I’d be grateful for a review wherever you listen to podcasts. If you don’t get anything out of this… why are you here? 

See ya next week.