Hey there! Welcome back to Focus on You! I’m Dachia.

We are mid-December in 2019. This is about where I was last year when I decided I had wasted enough time thinking about and analyzing my podcast goal. 4 years and I still hadn’t produced anything.

I was thinking about artwork and topics and getting the right mic and then maybe not THAT mic…

And I finally decided, as the year was coming to a close, that enough was enough… and I dove in. I created 3 podcasts and had them start on the first of the year.

So, here we are min-December and I’m wondering what project you have been putting off for faro long.

It’s time.

Jump in.

What is your project? What is your goal? And how can I help?

If your goal happens to be the same as mine last year, which was creating a podcast, I have a free resource available to you. Basicpodcasting.com, by the way, that website and domain are for sale, because quite honestly… you really do not need much resources to start a podcast.

In fact, you likely already have the only things you need which are a smartphone and some sort of free editing software.

Don’t overthink it. Just get started and start swimming. Yes, your first podcast will suck.

Honey, it’s gonna suck even with all the over-analyzing and preparation and cool tools. I’m only just now thinking that this podcast is starting to become something that expresses me.

But I am glad I started this podcast at the beginning of the year because I needed to go through all that creation and producing to figure out what I really wanted to say and focus on.

I thought I wanted to say what I was saying in the beginning. And then I shifted focus a couple times. And for me, it needed to happen. That’s how I figure stuff out. 

This may or may not be you. But if you’ve been sitting on a project for 4 years… or even 4 months, my suggestion is to just jump in and figure it out in the doing.

Yes, you’ll make mistakes. Yes, it will be ugly at first.

But consider this… the greatest painters started by putting paint to canvas. In fact, they very likely reused canvases, cuz I can tell you those ain’t cheap.

In fact, taking the idea further, all master artists started as kids… perhaps with coloring books… where we most certainly did not stay within the lines at first… or even later for some of us… but my point, and yes… I do have one, is that we start ugly… and we stay ugly for a while… and as we continue, it gets better and more attractive. 

But you have to be ok with just starting and it being ugly for a while.

And don’t apologize for it. Don’t spend any of your time making excuses for your work at the level it is. Do not be sorry that you are at whatever level you are at. And do not surround yourself with jackdaws who make you feel bad for not being further along on your journey than you are.

Be careful who you confide in or share yourself with. I know a lot of people with great ideas share them with the wrong people too soon. Before they have developed a thick skin, as it’s called. And they let often well-meaning, but ignorant people dump on them. People who are not in the arena,

You are in the arena. Or you are about to enter the arena. And the vast majority of everybody else is in the stands.

We each need to learn how to ignore the boos and the jeers… which means we need to be immune to the cheers too.

They are in the stands… you are in the arena.

Ok, love you guys. I hope what I am sharing is helpful to you. I hope to see you in the arena and we can bump chests. Or fists…

Remember that the membership site is open by invitation. I just want to be sure that it meet your needs. So, if you have something to create and share online… to express in some way, but you are not sure how to go about doing that, that’s what the membership site is for. To help you find your voice and get it out there. Choose a platform and follow a simple step by step system to get out there. Without all the online overwhelm.

See ya next week. Oh, and quick reminder… I have another podcast of daily affirmations. If you need a very brief mindset shift each day… please check it out. At the beginning of the year, it will change format just sightly, by including a question for the listener to ask themself and an inspirational quote t keep you going through the day.

You can find that podcast on my site, any of my sites, on the right side. 

Ok… till next week.