Hey there! Dachia here.
Welcome back to Focus on Your Small Business. Or Your Tiny Empire. That’s how I like to think about it. This is a podcast for the person with something to say but not sure how to say it. It is particularly geared towards the person who wants to express themself by starting a small business. I love small businesses. And the people who build them. However, everything I share here is also good information for the individual who just wants to share something… no business.. just a message or personal passion project.

I want to share an idea about the many paths to success. Basically… that there are many paths to success.

Some years ago, I was more involved with a program for training horses. It was a good program. I liked the process. My sister had gotten me involved and she was an exceptional trainer, so the program must have been good.

And while she felt this was the best program available for the regular person who wanted to build a great relationship with their horse, she also thought a few others were pretty good, as well.

However, when she was working with a client or their horse, she used just the one system. Often times these people would be trying to self-educate, which is a wonderful thing, and they would watch videos from other systems. Ask advice from other leaders. And my sister would carefully explain that mixing systems is not a good idea. Pick a system… follow it.

FOCUS. Follow One Course Until Success.

Each system is based on certain steps to take at certain times. Mixing up the path by jumping into other systems, just prolongs the journey and can be frustrating for all involved, particularly the horse.

So, I want to talk to you a bit about some great leaders you have available. And their advice.

When I decided to create a membership site, I did a couple google searches. I found some. Blog posts and articles and podcasts. God information.

Then I found a good group on Facebook and joined it. I started listening to their podcast. A few months later, I heard about another guy. I checked out his group and his podcast and just sort of decided I felt the vibe of his program fit better.

I’ve no doubt that the first program would have helped me succeed.

But I also felt that I needed to pick a course and stick with it.

I listen and follow both Amy Porterfield and Rachel Miller. They both have programs designed to help the online entrepreneur succeed. And they don’t say the exact same thing. It’s not that one of them is wrong. They simply have different advice.

Imagine it this way. You are in Hermosa, South Dakota and want to get to the west side of Rapid City.

I can tell you there are lots of ways to get there.

Some are faster than others. Some avoid construction, although I have not found THAT one yet. Some are prettier drives. Some might take you past articular people or places that you also want to see.

None of them are wrong.

But once you decide which route you are going to take… you kind of need to stick with it. You can’t start out heading north on 79 and then suddenly decide to be on 16. Yes, you can go past Hart Ranch and get there, but it does waste some time. You should have a good reason for doing so.

So, it’s ok that one membership guru is an advocate of opening your doors just twice a year and another one says just leave your dogs open.

This is why I say you can royally screw up and still be ok.

On that road to the west side of Rapid City, you might remember you needed something on 5th Street and cut over on Catron. It’s ok. You’ll be fine.

Just remember as a general rule, you want to focus. Follow one Course unitl success.

You’ll be ok I you lose your path…there are many paths and you can find another one. I just wouldn’t go looking for another if you are already on one.

That’s all I wanted to share today. Success has many paths. Find one or blaze one.

I’l be back next week. Take care of yourself. Have great week. It’s all up to you… with just little bit of me.

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Bye for now.