Hey there, Dachia here. Helping regular people live extraordinary lives by building a platform from which they can share their story… and maybe launch a small business.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this before, but I decided I would need to take a job while this business grew to the point it could cover my needs.

I don’t know what that means for you, but for me… it’s pretty much a full time job to get a job. Reading the ads, researching the company, writing a resume and cover letter for that company…

And then… you just sort of sit and wait.

As much as I love the Black Hills, it is known for having some issues. One is that it pays poorly. It also has one of the if not THE lowest unemployment rates in the country. And yet… again.. it pays poorly.

The cost of living here is fairly low, but even taking that into account, it is crappy pay for most lower level jobs.

A few years ago, I took a job at a winery. They advertised that their wage was competitive. And it was, in that they paid the same peanuts that others did.

Add to that there is no path to growth. No raises, no nothing.

So, I was not really looking forward to taking a job because I really want to be involved in what I do. Live at 100%. Work at 100%. And most of the jobs available really don’t want people that involved. If they did, they would work harder to get and keep them.

So, I left the winery job, as much as Ioved the actual job and the people I worked with, because there was no potential for anything more. No growth, no rates, no bonuses and the were so segregated in their departments, meaning each department did only their thing and there was no chance for someone like me, with ideas, to do anything with them.

It was very stifling. And so I left.

So, back to my recent job search. I was open to just about anything, but I did see a job come along that I was suddenly excited about. It looked challenging. Fun.

It was full time job and paid a ho-hum salary but it was the culture of the company that I was excited about.

I did not get that job.

I’m as surprised as you are.

Now, in the meantime, a friend of mine from the winery, who since left the winery, is a partner in a small chain of stores in the Black Hills. He also was quite surprised I did not get the job I mentioned and he said they could use some help.

Awesome! I started imagining myself in the job. That’s what I do. I’m a very visual person. It is a wonderful gift and also an unusual fault.

So, I dove into the idea and thought I could do for him what I’ve done for other clients, to help them build a solid online presence. Their website wasted and not attractive. Their instagram images were infrequent and had no branding on the image.

I knew I could help them increase traffic.

But getting together with my friends was proving difficult because they were running from one store to another covering shifts for employees who were sick or positions needing to be filled.

Here I was, ready to start. Point me in the right direction.

But I couldn’t get going. Our lunch dates were canceled the day of and my texts would go days without response.

Now, part of me was thinking that this was not the situation I wanted to be in. Constant chaos. But I also knew that if I could just get involved, I could help them. Take some of the tasks from their shoulders.

So, I looked for other jobs and was becoming more and more irritable and stressed. The more time spent on job searching, the less I was spending on my business. And the less time I was in my business, the more distant it was and the less I was thinking creatively about it.

I realized that my wanting to be involved in my friends business was my love for this work. And I was not doing it in my own because I was spending so much time looking for a job… that was supposed to be providing me with the financial resources to help me build my own business… that I kind of forgot I had one.

I kept imagining myself doing this sort of thing for all these places I had applied to.

I finally had a moment of clarity where I wrote down what I wanted. I didn’t want a full time job. I wanted part-time. And I didn’t want to work late night. I’m simply not cut out for working nights.

And most importantly, I waned to spend all this energy and creativity in MY business… not someone else’s.

This meant that just about all the applications I had put out were now dead to me.

Through all this, which was pretty much the entire month of July, I was journaling.

So, I sat down on the deck, and described what I wanted to do, the hours, the wage, and really what I was describing was the ability to work on my business.

I did another search online for jobs that met these needs and there was nothing.

I was becoming frustrated again. That was a Friday. I thought I would look again the following Monday.

I also still had many apps out there for which I had not received any response. And this has nothing to do with me… this is typical.

Saturday evening, I get a call from a previous co-worker. We had both worked at the sheriff’s department several years ago. Several months ago, we had become friends online.

So, when he introduced himself, I was happy to hear from him and was curious why he’d be calling me.

Turns out that one of my applications was for a company he managed.

Armed security.

He asked if I wanted full time or part, and I thought that the answer expected was full time, but I just had to stick to my guns and say part time.

And… he said that was fine.

We talked for a while and he shared the job details and the company and I shared what I needed and we were a fit. He offered me the job and I took it… on the phone.

Having worked with him at the Sheriffs department, I felt that he was going to be true to his word. We had to go through quite a process to get hired at the department. Lots of testing and background checks… it was a process of a few months.

The sort of people that made it through that process were the sort of people that are solid and dependable. They say what they mean. They would never leave people hanging.

I knew I could work for and with him.

So, this episode serves a few purposes. One is that you might need to take a job or keep working a job so that you can build the business that allows you to live the life you want.

Another reason is to share that when you are looking away from your business, like looking at a bunch of other ones that you might work for in the interim, that it can be easy to lose sight of your business.

Did you follow that?

My advice here is that even when looking elsewhere, you need to make sure you don’t lose focus on your business. Or your passion project.

Of course, another point to this episode is that if you have a small business and you need help… take the time to get the help…. Or you will always be running around and doing everything yourself and needing help.

I hope you can build your small business without having to take a job to support you and it, but if you do, it’s ok. Just figure out what you need to do while keeping your business, or your passion project as your priority.

I’l be back next week.