Hey there!
Welcome back to Focus on Your Small Business. Or Your Tiny Empire. A podcast for the single entrepreneur, or solopreneur, and likely for the individual with something to share with the world… or at least their little corner of it but are somewhat if not completely overwhelmed by all of the online moving parts.

Something I try to offer you is opinion unfettered by reward. Basically, I just want to say that if I provide a resource to you, it’s because I think.. at that time, that it is a good resource. I do not have an affiliate relationship with any company.

This could change at some point in the future, but I doubt it would be for a while… and even if that were to happen, I would still only make suggestions of something I really do think is a good idea.

This is on my mind right now for couple reasons. One reason is that I was just reading another website hosting review article where some very familiar names made the top of the list. I’ve had personal experience with one of the top-rated companies and quite frankly… they sucked. My experience with them was horrible.

However, I do know they have an affiliate program where people who write articles and link to them can get a financial reward for having done so.

I see this as a conflict of interest. I don’t trust it. Any time I see the same companies top a list, I scan past them and see how the rest of them rank.

I think a few of the companies I suggest offer affiliate programs. But I don’t think that the financial reward could be enough to mess with my relationship with you. I want and need you to trust my opinion. To trust my intentions.

Perhaps you also are in a business where you could take advantage of your relationship with a client or customer and make a few bucks… but big picture… that’s a short-sighted thing.