Hey there, Dachia here. Welcome back to Focus on our Small Business. Your Tiny Empire. I’m here to help regular people live extraordinary lives by building a platform from which they can share their story… and maybe launch a small business.

I did an episode critiquing a realtor website and since then found some notes I had made and shared with a previous client, a realtor, and thought a few of you might benefit. While this was particularly noted for a real estate professional, I hope you can see how it is useful for anybody launching a small business or sharing a passion with their tribe.

We are discussing Instagram and how best to use it.

First, make sure your bio is filled out to the fullest, including a link to a page that will be useful to the majority of your followers. Perhaps an about page on your website where you provide links to other places they can find you. Or a link to your main page that has your listings and also has email and phone number provided.

For my Instagram, I linked to an about me page. I add links there as I expand my tiny empire. But anybody who just wants to check me out can get a pretty good feel for me there.

Next. Have professional pictures taken. I don’t think I can stress this enough. I’ve seen listings where the pics are shot by the agent… or their 12 year old working on a merit badge and ones taken by pros. Go with the pros.

Now think Stories and Highlights.

You want highlights of each active listing you have. So each pic will have the address, if that’s something you’d share, the MLS# , some basic house info like sq feet, number of rooms etc, and then a brief description of what we are seeing in that particular picture. Is it the master bedroom? How many sq feet? Dimensions. 1st floor or second. Etc. By including the MLS, they can either go o the link you provided in your bio or any of the public online listing sites, and find that property.

To make this process easier and more automated, you’ll want to create a note somewhere. On iOS devices, it is called notes. You can write on your laptop and the note is synced to all devices.

Write out the basic info that is going to be included on every picture.

Then write out the description of that individual image.

Then, write out the hashtags you are using for this particular highlight.

My suggestion here is to create a handful of hashtags that you’ll use every single image. Perhaps you name or company name, city, region, real estate agent and realtor…

and then create a handful of hashtags for this property. The area, sq feet, anything to draw attention to like it is horse property or a particular neighborhood. The same sort of things people would enter in a property search.

Be aware that you can arrange the images within the highlight. So, I suggest that the first image have an overlay drawing attention to whether it is just listed, or price reduced or is having an open house.

Now, for those of you who are not selling houses, think about how you can extrapolate from these ideas. If you are in sales of any sort, you could sub your items for houses… pretty straightforward. For example, if you sell cars, think stories and highlights and overlays. Sell horses? Same thing. Except definitely take more advantage of videos if you are selling horses.

If you have a little bakery, your overlay could be a quote from a customer who loves this muffin or a recent bride who used you as a caterer.

Are you a carpenter? Think before and after shots and quotes of happy clients and inspirational quotes of building a future. Your pics could also be very artsy… think taking a shot of a board from one end of it with you working on it. Making a cut.

Shots do not have to be hard to get… you need a smart phone with a timer and preferably a tripod but you could also just lean that phone against stuff. I have thousands of fun shots just leaning my phone against stuff and setting the timer. 

Always be providing information. If possible, give away as much advice as you can.

Let’s say you are an accountant. Are you thinking that Instagram is not a place for you?

It totally is. Pics of regular people out living happy lives while you take care of their tedious accounting. Pics of you with a client. Pics of you working at your desk with a cat on your lap. Short videos of you explaining some new rules. Invite them to contact you f they still have questions. And then make it super easy for them to contact you. Like a voicemail button on your website.

I challenge you to challenge me. Can you think of a business or mesa or shrive or passion project that you think could just not work on Instagram? That you think there is just nothing visually appealing about?

Shoot me an email or leave a voicemail, button on the side of all my websites… like Dachia.com… email me at challenge@dachia.com.

I’ll do another episode with your challenges and my ideas on how to use instagram.

Keep in mind though… Instagram may not be your platform. You need to determine who your audience is and where they spend their time… and go there. I’m just saying that everything can be visually appealing,

Ok, I’m off… always a little. I’ll be back next Monday. Make it a great week. If you want to be personally updated when the membership doors are pen, sometime this Fall, get your name on the waiting list… that’s at the top of the right side margin at dachia.com.

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See ya next week.