Hey there!
Welcome back to Focus on Your Small Business. also know as Your Tiny Empire. A podcast for the single entrepreneur, or solopreneur, and likely for the individual with something to share with the world… but something is holing you back…. I’m hoping I can help you with whatever that is, because whatever you have to share with the world… needs to be shared. For you and for us.

I like to think of myself as a history buff.

I’m NOT a history buff, but I do like to think of my self as such.

I read the random articles and then try to extrapolate some incredibly deep meaning to my life.

So, let’s talk about the history and the future of small business.

It’s my belief, and I do think there’s evidence to back it up, that this country was built on small business BECAUSE human beings have a natural need to express. And we did it through creating a small business. Through sharing something that we could build or offer.

I recently watched a clip of a Joe Rogan podcast where he was talking with Naval …. something… sorry, I don’t know his last name, but I’ll find that clip and link it in the show notes. But the point here is, and yes, I do have one, is that Naval said that the happiest businesses were small ones. There is more and better connection in smaller businesses than in big ones.

Having worked in larger and smaller businesses, I agree. This is what inspired me to create a small business inspiring others to express themselves, possibly through creating a small business.

I think there is a level of unconscious knowledge for each of us where we just know that small is better… at least when talking about businesses. Somewhere in the 80’s, I think, I heard the phrase cottage industry and at that time it seemed like there would be a surge of home-based businesses. Or a resurgence of them, if my beliefs of history actually prove true.

What I think we can agree on is that currently, right now… automation is displacing workers. This is NOT something to fight. This is awesome. Taking human beings out of non-human tasks, is a good thing.

The real issue is what will these people do instead?

My solution is… something personal. Something expressive. Something that moves them.

We can no longer count on being able to take a job out of high school or college and stay with the company till retirement. Actually, it’s been a while since we could count on that, but instead of embracing it, there have been protests and debates.

If we look at the evolution of business in this country, and see it as cyclical, where we start off struggling as small businesses and then start working for other businesses, where we still struggle but for whatever reason accept it,… and now we are moving back into a period of time where everything necessary is getting done, without us… so we can once again express ourselves and create something of our own.

Where we create our own schedules and priorities. Where we create our own security.

There is no job security out there. Only with yourself. This is a win/win situation. Everything we need is right here.. in our hands. We can sometimes use some help from others, but still… we are in control. As it should be.

If you let me know what you could use some help with, I’ll see if I can help you.

Just send me an email or leave a voicemail through the button on the site.

Until next week… enjoy and express.