As I said last week, I’m changing the name of this podcast and expanding its focus to include everybody who is struggling to achieve their own self-actualization.

So welcome back to Focus on You! I’m Dachia.

I wanted to take a moment or several, and talk about some basic human needs.

I think that human beings are naturally creative and naturally expressive. Whether introvert or extrovert, we all have something to share. We share in order to connect with other people.

Having even a modicum of social interaction with other people is necessary.

I was just telling you about my new job. When I was preparing that podcast, I was batching, so you heard about that job a few weeks after all that played out.

I’m reminded each day I work how much I enjoy people. I’m working security and when people come through my checkpoint at o-dark thirty, I love to greet them with a bright smile and have them return it. It’s natural for us.

I’ve been thinking recently that I have some strong beliefs, that are motivating my journey to build my own business in the form of a membership that will help people get out there online and share themselves either personally or professionally.

So, I want to share a little back story. Many years ago, I was introduced to the work of Abraham Maslow. And I read everything I could find by him or concerning him.

Maslow is likely best known for his hierarchy of needs. If you are not familiar, I’ll briefly describe it. Imagine pyramid with 5 levels.

On the base level is Physiological Needs. These are biological requirements for human survival, e.g. air, food, drink, shelter, clothing, warmth, sex, sleep. These are basic survival needs.

While these needs are the base… and you have to meet them to do anything else… there is so much more to life. These are needs that all animals on the planet have.

The next level up sets us a bit more apart from them… that next level is Safety needs – protection from elements, security, order, law, stability, freedom from fear.

This level is actually what changed my life in 2013. I was working at the sheriff’s department and I had an epiphany. However… that story is probably a better fit for another podcast. Like Dashboard Wisdom… which is eventually going to go from blog to cast

But back to the hierarchy of needs. The 3rd level is the need for Love and belongingness.

Now, initially when Maslow introduced this hierarchy, it was either assumed or implied that a person must meet each level in order and at 100%. Maslow later clarified that was not the case.

However, my feeling here is that you DO need to meet each need in order… although not at 100%. I think the value of the need fluctuates. We can become comfortable in a level and move into fulfilling another level of needs and then something happens to a lower level and leaves us scrambling to meet that lower need again.

It doesn’t mean that the level of need we’re in at that time, or perhaps the levels between the one we are in and the one that is now a bit off-kilter… are empty again. I mean, it doesn’t mean we start again all over.

It does mean that we need to momentarily take our focus off that current level, that current need, and fix the need that is collapsing.

For example, If you are in level 3 which I’ll describe in a moment, and suddenly your house burns down… you need to focus quickly on getting shelter and food and water…

But here’s where I think many of us falter. We stay in that first level with nicer shelter and more clothes, and yummier food… and then even nicer shelter anreven more clothes and yummier food.

And even though that need, that level, is the base of the pyramid, it does not mean that it s the most important… if you realize that the hierarchy is intended to show us how we can achieve the highest level, which is self-actualization. Again, I’m not going to get too much into the top 3 tiers of the pyramid, just want to ay that if we are going to put more weight to any single tier, I think it’s the top one.

However, we cannot achieve thane without all the others… and basically, more or less… in order.

I know a lot of us feel like we are struggling in one of these first 2 levels. I’ve struggled there myself. But we are made to be so much more. And the longer we spend in those first 2 levels, the more we feel we are struggling and we are unhappy.

As human beings, we are designed, either by Nature or supreme being to be so much more than so many of us achieve.

We have an innate desire, yearning, hunger… to create and express.

And while we have, throughout history, somehow downplayed the value of so much creation and expression and judged it against other people’s achievement’s, it is nonetheless just as valuable.

A street busker, playing guitar and singing on a sidewalk with a hat in front of him, has just as much value as the brain surgeon. Possibly more, because arguable he is touching more lives in his day than the surgeon. And also arguably, that connection might be with a complete stranger who moments earlier was ready to leave us. They felt unseen and unheard and empty.

That connection helped that person to see themselves differently.

I’m going to talk a lot more about this hierarchy of needs, but I just wanted to take a moment here and share this because I’ve been thinking that while I love and want to help small business builders… I simply want to be a part of anybody’s journey from struggling first level to complete, self-actualized human being with deep purpose and a bright creative and expressive soul.

I’ll be moving this podcast focus to include small business builders, as now… but also everybody else who recognizes they are struggling at a level for far too long and are ready to move on, but not quite sure how to do that.

I believe that it is through creation and expression that we achieve our highest level of humanity. Again more on THAT later… Just know that I’m likely going to change the name of this podcast to be more inclusive.

And add content to reach people who are not building a small business.

Interestingly, the resources each group of people need are the same. Whether creating a presence online for business or pleasure, the steps are the same. 

Just thought I’d let you know. I look forward to continuing this discussion wit you, because it fulfills MY need to create and express. See ya next week.

Remember that the membership site is open by invitation. I just want to be sure that we jive- that I meet your needs. And perhaps you tell me of a need and I realize I should include that in the site. 

For information or questions or sharing stories of your own journey of creation and expression… I’ve got a voicemail button on all my sites, start at, or you can email me at . Til next week. Find a way to express yourself.