Hey there! Welcome back to Focus on You! A podcast dedicated to the individual with something to say but not quite sure how to say it. And maybe doesn’t really know what they want to say, yet. I’m Dachia.

I’m a soon to be stay at home dog mom. I’m … 3 months or so into my 24 month plan.

Some time ago I likely told you about some software. Or apps I’m using. And there was a time when I was very happy with them. So, I likely told you good things about them.

Well, I wanted to tell you of a couple apps I’m not happy with anymore.

One of them is Scrivener. When I first bought the license and started using it, I was pretty happy. I should preface this by saying that when I bought this software, I thought it was now mine and I could continue to use.

I understood that if I wanted the newer whistles and bells as they came out, that I would likely have to pay for them.

I did not give much thought to the company eventually no longer servicing the app. I didn’t think about It because it just sat on my laptop.

What could go wrong?

Aha… a few things did sort of go wrong over some time. One thing was that I moved from a PC to a Mac and so there fore had to move that app… and find my license key etc.

The folks there at Literature and Latte were nice and I eventually got it done.

A little more time passes and I am having trouble with my laptop and it is suggested that I reformat from factory specs. So I back up everything on external hard drives, including my Scrivener app, at least I thought so… and I reboot my Mac.

Then I go to put most of my stuff back on and I can’t get scrivener open. It is suggested by the company to just delete that app and redownload it from the site.

So, I do. But I can’t find my license key now and email them to help me look it up. They can’t find it. 

I do eventually find mine… but it doesn’t work.

So I email them again and aha… I had downloaded the newer version which I do not have a license for. So, I have to uninstall that one and go get the older version. 

The older version has a warning that states it is not guaranteed to work on my version of the Mac. And… they are no longer servicing my version of this app.. so basically, threes no help.

I have several projects, that are only on Scrivener… live and learn… and one of them is a completed book. And I can’t access it.

It’s basically dead to me. It’s right there… in a program I cannot open. I haven’t deleted it yet, because I’m hoping that I’ll meet somebody who has a working version of Scrivener and they can open my file and send me the text.

But Scrivener?.. Now that is dead to me. I can’t suggest anybody buy a program that basically you need to keep buying in order to use.

I think this is what Photoshop has figured out. They can’t keep all the old stuff going so they don’t sell the software anymore… at least this is what I think I’ve seen… they simply have a subscription. It’s cloud based. So, whatever you are doing with them is on their latest platform. I’m not a photoshop user, yet.. but given my experience with Scrivener, I can see the benefits.

Another program I bough a couple years ago is Screenflow, for video editing. In the beginning, I was happy with it. I think I had decided that I needed a program that could be used on both PC and Mac because I was using both.

Anyway, I compared Screenfow and Camtasia and asked around in my creative groups and settled on Screenflow.

Again, was happy, mostly… fo over a year.

However, one of the reasons I wanted a single editing platform was to do both videos and my podcasts. And Screenflow does not export in Mp3. So, you have to export in mp4, so basically a movie.. and then there is an online free service that will convert it to a true mp3 and then THAT you can upload to your host.

It took me a couple weeks to learn this though because my messages were just kind of moved around. In fact, I think I actually got that answer from a guy in one of my groups.

So, for a year now, I’ve been recording my audio, editing it… the interface is ok, but honestly I just didn’t know any better, and now that I’m using something else, I kind of see how Screenfow is not vert intuitive.

So, recording the audio, editing, saving and exporting and then taking each exported file and converting it one by one on that free online service, then download it back to my laptop and then uploading it to my podcast host.

Over a year I’ve been doing this.

During that year, it would crash from time to time and sometimes so badly thatI would have restart the computer.

And last week, as I went to get back into to batch recording edit my podcast, it crashed again… and I couldn’t get it open. So, the day that I had planned to record, a nice quietly at home, is lost because I’m trying to find a workaround, restarting my computer and then finally going online to my creative groups and asking what simple and FREE software is available.

I had deleted both iMovie and GarageBand from Mac some time ago. So, both were suggested and I decided I’d try iMovie.. downloaded and watched a couple tutorials on youtube and ready to record.

And iMovie exports in mp3. I am just… so looking forward to NOT picking around with that conversion process.

I also want to mention that Screenflow also had an update that I was pressured to buy. A whole bunch… or maybe it was just a few, upgrades that I don’t care about. And since that upgrade was released every single time I would open Screenflow, I would get this friggin popup box pushing me to upgrade.

And there was no opt out. I had to close that pop u every single time.

So, while I’m sure I have some projects locked away in my locked up Screenflow, I’m gonna walk away from it.

And it will be a long time before I buy something that can hold my work hostage. I may not get access to that book again. Whatever video projects I had that were never rendered on Screenflow are also gone.

A few years ago, I was also using Evernote. Again, in the beginning I was happy. I upgraded to a paid version so that I would have my work available to me on all my devices.

And one day, the Evernote wouldn’t open on my Mac. So, I went online to troubleshoot, and logged into my online Evernote account… and … there was nothing there.

I went into Evernote on my phone and my iPad… nothing. Blank apps.

Never again.

While I recognize that I’m still being held hostage in this ecosystem of Apple… so far… knock on wood, because of the cloud and all my devices are attached, I’ve not lost anything big.

We are building desktop computer with a 6 terabyte storage and I will back up everything there. And still… something could happen and It could all be gone.

Here is why I am not going to lose any more than necessary sleep over this. There is only so much you can do. Our work and information has always been and will likely always be in danger of being lost.

Back in the precomputer days, we could lose it to a fire or a flood. Things happen.

But I have to learn from my own experience with apps that are not solid and are not backed up and with companies that are selling upgrades and have no interest in supporting the product that was sold.

I get it.. it’s business. And I recognize that Apple does this too. I’m just trying to reduce this situation in my life as much as I can.

I’ll be back next week.

Bye for now.