Hey there, Dachia here. Welcome back to Focus on Your Small Business. Your Tiny Empire. I’m here to help regular people live extraordinary lives by building a platform from which they can share their story… and maybe launch a small business. A podcast for the single entrepreneur, or solopreneur, or just the little guy with something to say.. something to express and no idea how to do that. I’m here to help you learn what’s still working in the online world… and what’s not. I’m Dachia… and I’ll be sharing some personal experience and advice.

Today’s tip…
Start with one thing. If you’re like me you’ve got dozens and dozens of awesome cool ideas. But you can’t run with all of them at the same time. Pick one go for it and then when it’s solid, go grab another one.

This has been a very hard lesson for me to learn. In fact, I still find myself questioning its validity.

We see and hear from very successful people, like Gary Vee, who are involved in several businesses… sneakers, books, VaynorMedia, on all platforms… and we think that having lots of irons in the fire is the key to success, but Gary didn’t start with all those irons.

He started with Wine… and then he created success and expanded. But he didn’t start ALL those businesses at the same time.

I know… I know… but there is still time.

Determine the one thing that is burning to be expressed. And it may not be easy. It wasn’t for me.

I still struggle.

If you can’t decide which of your ideas is the one to start with, knowledge that you might pick the “wrong” one and you might decide to start again with a different one. And that’s fine. It’s good. It’s great! The world will keep spinning.

The digital world is plenty big enough for all your ideas or ideas of ideas.

You will not be banished from the fist page of Google because you picked the wrong idea.

I’ve mentioned a couple times that I started this podcast with a certain possible idea and then I changed my audience and ten I changed it again. Then I sort of tweaked it and I seem to be tweaking it again.

I created images and posted them on several platforms. And then I thought I needed to do something different and I made some different posts. And right now, I’m rethinking it.

I have some more new ideas… and I’ll mess around with those as well.

And that’s fine. I find what works for me and who I am and what I want to do, by creating and putting myself out there. I throw stuff against the wall ands what I like and what I don’t.

You have to create what moves you… not what you think or even know will move an audience. And don’t create an audience that is not really yours. If you know that videos or other content on SEO will get views.. but it just is not your thing… you want to move on from that … then move on right now.

When I first started this podcast, it was a trial and error process. A process I suggest for just about everybody. I didn’t know what I wanted to say or what group I wanted to ay it to. I just knew that I needed to start talking and saying something in order for me to know what rang true and what I wanted to discard.

And one of the iterations I went through, and you can hear it if you go back to the beginning, is that I was focused on just small businesses. But there are lots of people with something to say and no interest in creating a business around it… I still want to help them.

I want to help you. If you’ve got an idea to share, a service or message to offer, let’s find the best way for you to get it out in front of your tribe.

If you have a question or a story to share about how you expressed yourself
And found or created your place in the world, you can leave me a voicemail. There’s a button on the side of any my websites. Also, if you want to be notified when the doors on the membership site open, get on the waiting list. There is super simple signup in the margin, towards the top.

I’ll be back next week, same time… same channel. In the meantime… spend a little time thinking about what you want to share and how you think you’d like to do that. Do you think you might want to try video or a podcast? Blogging? So many more options. Give it a little thought.

See ya next week. Have a great one. It’s all up to you… with a little bit of me.