This is it! This is the plan!

Phase One

As you may know, if you know me, I tend to get involved in a lot of projects. I’ve been online since 2004.. or 5. I really need to sit down one day and figure that out, but in the meantime, I’ve created dozens of simple websites and helped start dozens of businesses.

I’ve seen SEO (Search Engine Optimization) go through thousands of changes. And sometimes I’ve even kept up.

And I’ve learned a thing or two.

And my personal goal through all these years was to find a way to be at home. To work from home. To be with my dogs.

I think, like many of you, most likely, I never really thought it was possible or realistic. How could my passion and love for my furkids ever amount to an income?

Well, it can. And it will.

I’m building a niche site on dogs for Dog Moms. That domain is

Yes, there are hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands of dog sites out there. And so what? Most of them suc or are abandoned or were abandoned because they suck. No new content. Inaccurate information. Poorly written. No real plan.

Well, I’ve got a plan, expertise, and am a good writer. However, if you want to create a niche site of your own and you are NOT a good writer, don’t sweat it. You can hire out for that part. A lot of great niche sites do. I can help you find a good source for the content and you’ll just edit it for format and user experience.

Back to my plan.

Step 1:

Build a website. Today is Dec. 26, 2019 and it’s day one of this plan. I’ve purchased a domain, previously mentioned… up there… and today I will build a WordPress website for it.

I’ll clone a current site and upload it to the new domain to save me many hours of work.

Step 2:

Start writing articles. I need to get about 30 articles posted over the next month. These articles will start with what are referred to as ‘response posts.’ About 1/3 of the articles will be response posts. Then 1/3 will ‘staple posts’ and the last 1/3 will be ‘pillar posts.’

Response Posts

A response post is about 1200-1500 words and is a response to a specific question that a person is likely to ask Google. In my case, that question could be “are dogs really allergic to chocolate?” or “what is the best dog for a family in the suburbs?”

I’ve already got 75 titles to post about. 🙂

Staple Posts

A staple post is about 2200 words and is shareable. Now, personally, I think this niche lends itself to being shared on all levels. But these articles are particularly written for that purpose.

Still with me?

Pillar Posts

These articles are big ones. Loads of information. About 3500 words.

Now these articles need to be written in this order. I’ll post a simple video to explain why, but right now, just understand that if you are like me, you were thinking you needed to post a handful of really awesome monster articles that were the be-all end-all of the topic.

And… that would be a mistake to start with.

Step 3

Promote the content and myself as the authority. I would do this by sharing my post on LinkedIn and being a guest on podcasts.

A piece of advice I’ve read is to avoid the social media treadmills.

I’ve been on social media since about 2009. And I’ve been in so many business and marketing groups over the years, on Facebook. I have to say, that I spent a lot of time kicking myself for not building up a Facebook business page or giving up on a group.

I’m no longer convinced, despite all the pros telling me the opposite, that Facebook or Instagram or Twitter are great platforms to build a reputation on.

I’ll still post to them, when I have something to post.. but I’ll no longer work at being on those platforms. My real energy will be spent in research and writing, which is where my personal genius is anyway.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and I think I’ve lost a lot of time trying to build something on Facebook etc. Everybody there already knows I’m a Dog Mom.

My energy will be creating great solid content and sharing it.

So Phase one is just planting the seed and giving it some water.

Phase Two

Start a publishing routine. Work on this site daily. Not just the technical aspects of it, but on creation and promotion. Start to scale the site. This might mean hiring good writers to help me keep up with the content creation. Ghost writers can be found at a few agencies that provide writers for content on various topics and will cost about 2 cents/word.

That is an option if this topic has more room for growth than I have time to grow it.

Phase Three

I’m still working on the timeline for all this, but I’m guestimating that I’ll be at this phase at about 8 months. It’s during this phase, which, in theory, is the last phase of this particular site, is to carefully add some ads. I am an Amazon affiliate and so I’ll add just a few Amazon links there to particular items I’m suggesting. Like the vacuum cleaner I bought and think is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I’ll also ask/apply to be an affiliate with whom I absolutely adore. And I have lots of ideas to affiliate with other small personal businesses that create really cool dog-related items. Like jewelry and natural dog treats.

I won’t be adding those ads right away because google doesn’t like the competition for the advertisement dollars. I need to build the site up first.

This will be a very slow process. Once the ads/affiliate links are placed, I can add others if I find a good small business I want to be affiliated with, but it could also be a phase of set it and forget it.

I would then return to phase 2 and3 where I’m still creating content and still promoting the site and myself.

Phase Four …Maybe

Start another seed. Now, currently I’m struggling just a bit with what this second niche site will be. I MIGHT create a site that guides other would-be stay-at-home/work-from-home moms to do it.

The goal of this second site is to let the first site alone and give it the time it takes to rank well on google.

In order to be ranked well by google, you and your sire site are judged by what google refers to as EAT. Expertise- Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. There is a several hundred page document from Google and I’ll link that when I find that link again.

For me, I would only be doing another niche site in a topic that I actually enjoy. I own about 14 domain names and about 4 of them are niche topics that I think would be fun and interesting to do something with. was going to be a niche dedicated to all the cool stuff in the Black Hills and post local stories about local people and places to see or things to do. And I have lots of super simple ways that it could make some money. was going to be a site on all the history of the Black Hills. Again it would encourage visitors to see as much of the Black Hills as they can and maybe come back and see more. And money would be made through simpe advertising to local businesses.

And I have a couple more domains and websites for all these topics but with no real content on any of them yet. I’m doing just a little test to determine if a site can get a bit of age before I add the content and if some time would be saved.

What I mean is that it takes about 35 weeks for a new article on a new site to rank high on google. And other things play into that, for example, one single article will take longer than if the site has a few or several articles.

What I’m testing is if the site itself, just siting there, is getting some age. I’ll tell ya what I find out.

Phase Five

At this time, which I am still estimating with no real evidence to support it, will be about a year or so in to the first niche site creation. I’d like to be able to offer some sort of product. Maybe digital, maybe physical. Maybe both.

Perhaps an ebook or an ecourse. I’ve helped many people build a simple website and start a small personal business, and right now I’d like to help fellow Dog Moms become work-at-home/stay-at-home dog moms.

I already have a podcast dedicated to helping people build very small and very personal online businesses, and I also have a few simple websites to help those people either build their own super simple starter websites and/or a podcast to brand and market themselves.

I could tweak, yet again, the direction of that podcast. I’m going on the second year of its publishing, and I’ve changed/tweaked its focus, my target market or audience, about 4 times.

And that’s just fine.

So, I do have a few ideas for personal products I can create that will be part of the Dog Mom site, and I’ll just keep making notes about that as I go through phases 1-4.

I’ve written this in about 2 hours an it’s about 2000 words. In there was a half hour of watching a Youtube video to remind me of some facts to note. Also, I probably killed 15 minutes on Facebook, because it is a Black Hole of good intentions.

I know I can produce the content in a timely manner.

Right now, today, I’m going to build the website, starting with a clone of one of my others.

If you are interested in following my journey or joining me on, just connect with me. Email or voicemail or if you actually already know me, text me. I’d love to share the journey and both of us become stay at home dog moms… or dads… and if you haven’t got a dog, just how are we friends? 🙂

I’m kidding!!! I’ll talk to you soon with another, much shorter update.