Hey there! Welcome back to Focus on You! I’m Dachia.

When I first started this podcast, I had one group of poplin mind. But then I changed that to include other groups who frankly are just more enjoyable to work with.

And then just recently, I felt there was more I could do with it and again it would be more enjoyable for me. I like thinking about and talking about Maslow and self-actualization and encoring people to create something and then share it online.

Now, initially I was trying to provide useful resources, but I’ve rethought that.

When thinking about the podcasts I listen to, I’ve often gone back and listened to the earlier episodes. And the most useful ones were where the content was not something timely. I mean, so much of online branding and social media is timely. And a few weeks or months later, it is out of date. But my favorite podcast episodes are ones that talk about mindset. Which is always timely.

So, while the membership site is always up to date with the latest and best and easy to follow resources, I’m not going to include those on the podcast because I want it to be more useful in the future.

Your mindset, your decision making paradigms, your choice to make happiness the goal and the benchmark for success, is the content here.

I have another podcast that is daily affirmations for the small business owner. And I have done some research and made some changes on that one that we will see after the first of the year.

I’m bringing it up because It is a daily briefing type podcast that helps a person get their mind set right. Focus on themselves for a few minutes and realize how much they have to offer and can control in their lives.

You may not be able to control the inbox, or so many other things that come into your life, but you can control you and your reaction.

If that’s an issue for you, I encourage you to go check out that podcast. A link to it on all the platforms is on my site, dachia.com. Remember at the beginning of the year the format will change slightly and include a question to ponder, and an inspirational quote to think about throughout the day… along with that question and the affirmations.

I’m inviting you to take whatever time you need to think about what makes you happy. Describe to yourself your happy life. What are you doing? Who are you with? Where are you? Who is that you want to be? What is it that you want to create and how do you want to share it… or express it? How can I help you?

If you would like to share any of that process with me or the listeners here, I’d love to hear it. Either on my voicemail button or email through my site.

I’d like to create a community of regular people who are solidly in those top 3 or 4 tiers of the needs pyramid who are focusing n the 5th… self-actualization.

And that 5th level could include building a small business or sharing a message with thousands of people… or making something you want to give away.

Actually… Any of the levels could include building a small business. Create security for yourself and your family. And any time you can create and express, you are better for it.

Creation and Expression has a place on every level of everybody’s pyramid, but not if that person is looking at somebody else’s pyramid or more likely, their billboard

Did yo follow that?

I’m very visual… maybe I need to find an artist on Fivrr to draw this up. Cuz in my head, it’s a great analogy. I’m just trying to convey it into your head.

I’m going to let you go for now. I’ll be back next week. I try to keep these podcasts short because… I can easily just ramble on for hours and in’t nobody got time for dat. I just want to help you create a good mindset where you focus on how you can be a better and happier you.

Remember that the membership site is open by invitation. I just want to be sure that we jive- that I meet your needs. So, if you have something to create and share online… to express in some way, but you are not sure how to go about doing that, that’s what the membership site is for. To help you find your voice and get it out there. Choose a platform and follow a simple step by step system to get out there. Without all the online overwhelm.