Hey there, Dachia here. Welcome back to Focus on our Small Business. Your Tiny Empire. I’m here to help regular people live extraordinary lives by building a platform from which they can share their story… and maybe launch a small business. A podcast for the single entrepreneur, or solopreneur, or just the little guy with something to say.. something to express and no idea how to do that. I’m here to help you learn what’s still working in the online world… and what’s not. I’ll be sharing some personal experience and advice.

I want to tell you a story about a failure of mine with a client.

It was sort of a mutual failure… of each other.

I was hired as mostly virtual assistant to help a realtor with their social media …. or more precisely, to help them build their online platform.

Now, have you read the book Rocket Fuel? I suggest it. In it.. at least I think that’s the book, he discusses three main roles in business. You’ve got the visionary, the integrator and the implementer.

The visionary, should be the small business owner.

They have the great ideas. They see a big picture. They then share those ideas with the integrator.

So, if you have a piece of paper, draw a circle at the top, that’s the visionary… you… well, likely you.

Draw a short line straight down from that and another circle and that is your integrator. So the visionary has the what…. they give that to the integrator and they come up with the how.

Now, everybody else involved in the process is under the integrator. They could be globally put in the big circle under the integrator, and we label that the implementers. They are the doers… the drones… the worker bees. They are very necessary.

All of these roles are not only necessary… but they are necessarily separate.

And that is where we failed.

I came on the scene as an integrator mostly, but I was tasked with a great deal on implanting… and there were many times when I was sharing the role of visionary.

At the start, I had asked for us to sit down and define our roles and get a handle on the big picture. But it never happened and after a few months, I felt we were finally starting to get in our groove.

But then the visionary brought in another integrator slash implementor.

The groove was lost. I was going from shared visionary to implementor back up to integrator and often within an hour. 

It was a rollercoaster.

Now as an integrator, I would be working on a project and then get a text about another great idea… and what I SHOULD have done, was tell her that’s a great idea… let’s look more into that after this current project is completed.

But I didn’t.

I switched hats to visionary and said, “Oh… that would be awesome… and we could also do this and this and this… and then I would have switched hats and logically figure out how we could do it… and then another hat switch and actually start doing it.

And rarely did any project actually get completed.. and that sucked for me because I need that satisfaction.

Add to all this that I’m a well-adjusted introvert. You’d never know it. You’d never know that I have those tendencies. But the way I’m defining that is … I like to work alone. When I’m integrating or implementing, I need my space. I’m fine with brainstorming as a visionary…but actual work… I need to be given space.

When I first pitched the job to this client, it was supposed to be much more virtual… work from a distance.

But as time went by, the client wanted me in the office more and more. To do implementing right there.

Now, had I seen all this at the time, I could have created some boundaries… but it all just came out as digging in my heels without any real reason.

And within just a couple months of that and It was unbearable and we broke up.

Some time after that is when I learned about these roles and the need for them to be separate and my need to get with myself, uninterrupted..

The reason I tell you this story is so that you know your role and if you bring on somebody else… what their role is. But even if you are not building a team… these are the hats you are wearing. But you need to recognize which one you are wearing while you are wearing it, and then remember to switch it for another when needed.

I’m sure I’ll have more on this later.

Go create a great day. And a great week. It’s all up to you… with just a little bit of me… I’d appreciate a nice review. Bye for now.