I just found myself doing some journaling about my plan to become a full-time dog mom, and I realized I ought to be writing it here.

So, this is where I am right now.

I have 7 posts on the Adopted Dog Mom site. A few are response posts and a few are more personal posts.

As I have many friends who are adopted dog moms, I sent a message to a few of them and asked if they’d be interested in writing a post on their personal experience adopting their dog. I had offered $30 for about 1500 words.

I’m aware that this is not a lot of money and I said so. A few of the expressed some interest but then it seems to have faded. I THINK that the mention of the money gets people thinking about that instead of the story that they would like to tell.

Had I not mentioned any payment, I think it possible these people would still be interested because it would be an intrinsic motivation (they have a story they’d like to share) and not an extrinsic motivation… $30… which is not a lot of money.

So, I’m not offering any money anymore. I messaged a couple more people about sharing a story and they were just as keen as the others with no mention of payment.

What I think I might do is to save the money mention for people I don’t know who are looking for the money and not to share a personal story.

How many domains is too many?

No such thing. Or if there is, I couldn’t tell you. Some years ago I had 16 domains, just sitting, and it bothered me. And it bothered me even more when I had to renew the domains. It was quite a chunk of money and really, for nothing.

Since then, I let many domains expire, after a brief foray into the idea of selling them. I had no idea what I was doing and I gave up fairly quickly, took my domains off the auction sites and let them expire.

But since THEN… I bought more domains. It’s a sickness.

I love good domain names.

What makes a good domain name?

Well, for me it is something simple to remember and has somewhat common words or phrases and hopefully means something to me.

Other ‘experts’ say a good domain name is one that ends in .com, has less than 15 characters and uses commonly searched words or phrases.

Right now, I have over 20 domains. And I’m not frustrated by that like I was when I had the16 and let a bunch expire.

The reason for that is that I now have a plan. Almost all these domains now have a web presence. A really simple, sometimes empty, website.

I’ve gotten pretty good t cloning a site, like the Sample Simple Starter Website, and just uploading it to the new domain and hosting.

I have shared hosting, so it doesn’t cost me anything but a little time to create a website. The domain itself generally costs me about $12 for the first year.

The reason I have changed my perspective and strategy is that in the grand scheme, buying that domain and throwing a website up for it, has cost me nothing.

My plan is to leave it there. Just let it sit. Evey once in a while I might go poke around in it and maybe publish something, but 2 of the haven’t even had the content changed from the sample website. I just want them to age a bit.

Again, there is no downside of this.

I’m actively working on the one site. Actually, I started thinking that I have 2 other sites with a bit of content that I might flesh out a bit more and add some content and allow for some ads to be on there and also affiliate with Amazon, which I already do elsewhere.

So, the big picture goal is that one day, a couple years from now, all those domain names will have a website and some content.

I’ll leave all of them alone for maybe a year and see what they do. If any of them have little to no traffic and therefore no profit, I’ll look t the backend and decide if it needs content that I a either willing to create myself or pay for somebody else to do, OR… if there is nothing about this site or potential topic to inspire me, I’ll sell it

I have certain ideas for topics for all these domains. But I may decide that topic does not garner enough interest for searches or for me and I can completely change the topic and market. But I’m not going to mes with right now.

I need to focus on just the very few (3) to start with.

Those sites include this one, which I never thought would be anything more than a personal blog and hub, the Adopted Dog Mom site and I’m thinking Dashboard Wisdom. That last site was started about a year ago I think and my thoughts on it have changed numerous times.

Currently it has some scattered posts on it but also has a series of posts that deal with the fire captain who tried to bamboozle me and has now left the Black Hills and gone back to New Jersey.

That series still gets traffic. I wrote those posts to help save other would-be victims of his, as he, in my opinion, has little control over his actions. And I left the series up because I was getting women contacting me and thanking me for sharing the story as they were either previous victims or he was trying to work them in that moment… and they decided to google him.

However, I started thinking that these people who are looking for information on him, might be interested in a couple good books on narcissism, sex addiction, sociopaths… etc. So, I’ll be finding a few good books and link to the there.

What happens to my Domain and Website, if I die?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. My brother and I own property together. We’ve been slowing adding the others name to car titles and various personal property. And we’ve been working plans where the other is pretty taken care of if something happens to one of us.

This morning, when I bought my most recent domain name, I added my brother to my account with GoDaddy.And I gave them his number so there is no extra verification if he calls them… if something were to happen to me.

My brother knows very little about the internet. To him, in his own words, my websites and the internet is not real. If you cannot hold it in your hands, he doesn’t get it.

So, I needed to figure out a way that he was still taken care of if I were out of the picture. This particular site is very much branded to just me. I hope to change that a bit so that anybody reading here would be interested in where it goes if it were just him.. and a ghost writer.

That would be true for all my other sites, as well. As it stands right now, he is half owner of everything digital. The domains, the sites, a few online accounts like YouTube. However, he doesn’t know what those sites do or how to add content or get paid or anything useful.

So, my goal, in all my free time, is to write a guide for him. I’ll discuss every domain and website, the login information, how to add a user without taking the risk of losing an account to them. I’ll give him my ideas for what to do with some of the accounts, either keep them going with ghost writers and the help of a trusted friend to publish them, or perhaps to just sell them outright so there is not so much to handle.

I’ll give him step by step on where to sell the domain and site and how to determine its value. I’ll create a simplified tutorial on how to understand the Google Analytics, because I gotta tell ya, the tutorials out there are NOT for beginners.

My hope is that with just a little help, likely fro one or two of his kids, he can still have an income from these sites till he passes in many years. And I am suggesting in my guide for him that he add one or two of them to his accounts, as I’ve done for him, so that the only tiny empire just continues through the family.

What I will likely do is create a new project on Asana and invite him and create a different board for each domain and website and online account such as YouTube. I’ve been writing all my thoughts down in various notebooks, but I don’t think they are legible to anybody but me, and I think they could be much more visual thre for his kids to understand what we are doing.

Going on Week 4, of the 24 month plan.

I have project boards hanging around my room. And I have several colors of sticky notes. When I have an idea or thought as to what to do with a particular site: a strategy, I write it on a sticky note and put that on the respective board.

In this way, I’m not dropping everything to go work on that board, but I’m not ignoring all my great ideas, either. I don’t know about you, but my mind is active. I can easily get caught up a different project every hour, which is why I have to hold myself down till it is time to move on.

But I have some pretty amazing ideas at the oddest times, and I can’t just ignore them. Onto a sticky note they go.

I’m a little behind in my big plan. I did something to my shoulder 2 weeks ago and I was miserable for a full week and it’s much better now. But sitting down to do some research and write was not in the cards. So, I’m about 10 posts behind as of this week.

However, I’m not going to kick myself over this, for a few reasons. One reason is that it was my goal to write 30 posts on 30 days. It is certainly not necessary for my plan to succeed.

Another reason to not get upset is that when I first created my plan, I was planning on starting 3 brand new sites and filling each with content over the next 6 months or so. I then realized that I already had a couple sites that I could just add to and move along much more quickly. The two other sites that I HAD intended to flesh out are moved down the list a bit.