Hey there, Dachia here. Welcome back to focus on your small business, AKA Your Tiny Empire. You’ve probably heard me mention a time or two that I’ve struggled with decisions concerning my website hosting. I am currently with Go Daddy.com. I tried another hosting several years ago, one that got great reviews at the time.

In fact it still gets great reviews, however I feel that the reason it gets great reviews is because it has a decent affiliate program and people get paid to promote it.

Because I never hear anything positive about it from a personal stance just listed in review articles where people are getting paid for affiliates as affiliates. So recently I was in a WordPress group on Facebook and GoDaddy came up again as a horrible host. I always read these threads and read what peoples opinions are, but I don’t just jump on them anymore. And of course this thread was no different than so many others in the past.

Someone had asked a question concerning an issue they were having with one of their clients websites and they were hosting the website on Go Daddy. And many people jumped on and said that they should be leaving GoDaddy and going with some other host. I read through the thread and read the same business names I always read and so I went and did another quick search to see how website hosts were comparing so far this year. One website host that I hear a lot about is siteground.

Now, as I mentioned, I’ve been with GoDaddy since I started building a web presence and that was back in probably 2004. And I did venture off and try another hosting company and I had a horrible experience and went back to GoDaddy as soon as I possibly could.

And, well, for the most part I’ve been happy with my experience with GoDaddy, I do see that there’s a potential for my clients, depending on their particular needs with their websites that they may not have the same experience with GoDaddy as I’ve had. They might have higher needs and higher standards than I’ve had.

But because I have clients with various needs I’ve gone and checked out some reviews and I’ve thought about trying another host so that I can help my clients should they need something that GoDaddy does not provide.

The cost of hosting with GoDaddy varies from six dollars a month to $20 a month- that is the discounted rate. When it renews it would be from eight dollars a month to $25 a month depending on what their needs are.

Economy rate which is starting at six dollars a month at the discount is hosting for one website, and you get an email for one year. You’re going to be charged after that first year. And you also get a free domain name but you’re going to have to re-register it in a year.

So I have two screens up, one for the GoDaddy hosting plans and one for the siteground hosting plans. And while I keep hearing people talk about how siteground is so much less money, it isn’t. I have nothing against siteground but their packages start at four dollars a month with the discount price and then go to $12 a month. For the same price product. And that’s for one website. So when it renews I would be paying $12 a month for one website and 2 GB of web space and about 10,000 visits monthly.

Now on the GoDaddy plans there’s an economy package to start at six dollars a month again that’s with the discount and then it goes to eight dollars a month when you renew. That’s again for one website but it’s 100 GB of storage.

Now, personally, I don’t use the economy: I go up to the next one up from that. It’s called the deluxe package and that starts at eight dollars a month if you can get the discount. I do not get the discount because I’ve been with them so I no longer qualify for any discounts.

Yeah I don’t ask.

But it’s $11 a month and it’s unlimited websites. Unlimited storage. Ad unlimited subdomains. I have several websites. None of them are huge and none of them get a great deal of traffic. And to be honest I don’t really ever expect any of them to get a huge amount of traffic.

When I think of a lot of traffic I’m thinking big international companies. I just don’t anticipate my sites drawing huge numbers of people. I do anticipate them drawing a particular type of person. Going back to the review the package that I get again called the deluxe is $11 a month for unlimited websites.

Whereas, the siteground plan starts at $12 a month when you renew and it’s for one website and 10 GB of web space. I have to wonder if the people who are so opposed to GoDaddy and so adamant about their support for pretty much any other hosting company actually keep up with the reviews and the comparisons. I see no reason again to leave GoDaddy. I am not opposed to leaving GoDaddy if it was for a good reason. I just haven’t come across one yet.

But let me re-state that I think that a lot of people get caught up in the affiliation meaning that they get money back or they get bonuses for turning people on to other hosting companies. I know that’s how Bluehost got me. And so many others. I don’t know what Bluehost is doing now but several years ago when I tried them it was a horrible experience.

Another positive for someone like me and other newbeist of newbies is that we buy our domain from GoDaddy which is an incredibly simple way to buy a domain and we can get hosting at the same time. We don’t have to forward our domain or mess around with the backend. That’s a huge bonus to me.

Ok, friends… I’ll be back next week. In the meantime, if you need a brand audit or a website critique, just connect with me. You can send me an email or a voicemail, both available on the simplestarterwebsites.com or join us on Facebook if you are actually interested. Just search for Your Tiny Empire for discussion and advice and resources for small business owners. Until next week, make it a great one.