Hey there, Dachia here. Welcome back to Focus on our Small Business. Your Tiny Empire. I’m here to help regular people live extraordinary lives by building a platform from which they can share their story… and maybe launch a small business. A podcast for the person with something to say but not sure how to say it. You may decide the best way to express yourself is through opening and building a tiny business. Awesome! But you may instead decide that you just want to share something personal to you. I’m Dachia… and I’ll be sharing some personal experience and advice on what’s still working in the online world… and what’s not.

Some years ago, possibly many years ago, I came across the writings of Abraham Maslow. Particularly his Hierarchy of Needs.

Straight up, I love the image. I often refer to it when sharing ideas on why we don’t benefit from government programs. And why so many people seem a bit stuck in their lives.

Human beings have a natural need to express themselves. We are creative.

Even the most self-described non-creative among us are still creative. They are unique. They are different in some way.

I think that there are a great many of us who just do not know who they are how they are different or how to express that idea or message they have.

If you have a yearning desire to crochet sweaters for corgis and sell them on Etsy… I’m excited for you. I want to help you. That’s the possible foundation for a tiny business.

But if you just want to write poetry and share it with others… that’s just as important. And I want to help you, as well.

Perhaps for your particular flavor of poetry, you could post on Twitter. I have a friend who shares haikus on Wednesday.

Maybe you want to put your poetry on shareable images. Whether you want or need a website, or a social media platform or learn how to put text on your own images or royalty free images and share them with the world, I support you. And I can help you.

But don’t put this off. Likely you have been putting this off for a long time… years maybe.

You have told yourself that it just isn’t that important. That you don’t have the time to figure out how to do it. That your passion just isn’t good enough and there are plenty that are better.

Well… it is that important. It doesn’t take a lot of time, if you let me help you, and while there are possibly many people sharing something similar, and maybe even better… they are not you. And the world needs you and your idea and your way of expressing yourself.

Convincing yourself otherwise does not benefit anybody.

Don’t repress yourself, express yourself.

I have an easy to use voicemail button on all my sites. It’s on the right hand side of every page. If you want to leave me a message to either answer on the podcast, which I’m happy to do, or for me to call you back and we can chat a bit and get you going on your personal path, I look forward to it.

But if you’d rather not be so direct just yet, that’s cool. Find me on Facebook and send me a message. I’ve got a business page there as well as a group… actually a few groups. In any case, I’m easy to find. I’d be happy to text/chat with you. 

I don’t live on Facebook, so please be patient with my responses.

You and your ideas are important. And the need to express yourself is very real. It’s healthy, if done in a healthy way.

My mom was an artist. She was very good. Her paintings were in galleries and she was often involved with juried festivals. She went to college for it and studied with a few masters of the time. Her paintings have value and are recognized as quite good.

But let’s say it was different. What if we are talking about someone else and they are not very good at painting. They have not, for whatever reason, studied the craft.

But they do love to paint. And they want other people to see what they created.

Are they not as worthy as the skilled professional?

Their audience may be small and it may be more eclectic and it might be all relatives and friends… and that’s ok. If you want to paint… paint. If you want the world to see it, let’s find a way to make that happen.

I wonder sometimes if the idea of “I’m not good enough to share my thoughts or art or poetry or services”… has helped create a culture of quiet suffering.

And then with some younger people, I wonder if their quiet suffering becomes unbearable and they can’t deal with it…. And they lash out.

There is infinite space and variety online. I don’t care if your novel is rubbish. If it’s something you want to share, let’s get it out there. If you want to make it better before you release it, great… I’ll help you find that resource.

But don’t play small. Don’t shrink into a corner if you’ve got something to say or share. While we all have our detractors…. also known as trolls and keyboard commandos and assholes… we also have people we can connect with. People who want to see us for who we really are.

We need to ignore the people who are lobbing Digital tomatoes. What have they accomplished? Are they I the arena?

I don’t have the time to deal with people who don’t have the balls to get into the arena and do something. Create something.Put themselves out there.

They may be expressing themselves, but not honesty. And I don’t have time for that.

Let’s talk about who YOU are and what you have inside you that you want to get out.

You ARE worthy. You ARE important. Express yourself.

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I’ll be back next week… see ya then. Until then, make it a good one. It’s all up to you… with a little bit of me.