Chunk It!: A time management system for creative DogMoms

This time management system is designed for the creative person. The person with lots of ideas and projects and things to do. The goal here is to get a big picture of what you want to accomplish each week and then chunk out times to get it done. There are areas for big projects and smaller, less complex projects.

Time chunking is setting aside 3 or 4 hours of uninterrupted time to focus on one single project. Perhaps you are working on a novel and you need to just sit your butt down and write. No sidetracks, just write. Maybe you have been putting off cleaning the garage, or staining the deck. I get it. It wasn’t until I started chunking my time that I really started making progress on bigger projects.

How to Use:
On the Date line, you can either write in the date you are planning to do it or the whatever date works for you. The Goal (Big Picture) line could be to write without editing or clean out the car and wash it.

Have a realistic goal, though. Be careful not to make a goal so big you cannot possibly achieve it in the timeframe. Set yourself up for success. If your project needs more than one chunk, then break it into several and clarify what you’ll accomplish in each chunk.

Each line has a place to check off that task when completed, a place for the task, and then a place to note the priority. ‘A’ is highest priority, and ‘C’ is lowest. If you have suggestions on how this system could be improved or what you would need to make it more useful, let me know. I’m open to ideas.

And if you find this tool useful, I’d love a review.

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