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Adult Coloring Books

I’ve published a series of Mandala, Floral and Pattern coloring books. I’ve enjoyed creating them, and I hope you enjoy coloring them. They are listed on Amazon, but I’ve found that lots of people would really like a better idea of exactly what they can expect in each one. So, I’ve included each coloring page of each book here, so there are no surprises.

Just click on the Cover or “See Inside” underneath it, and it will show you a page by page view of the book.

These coloring books are printed on demand at/by Amazon and then shipped to you. Unfortunately, I have no control over what paper they use. Like most other coloring book creators on Amazon, I’ve done everything I can to ensure a quality book that you will be happy with.

For formatting reasons, I needed to place a black background behind the images. I wanted to make the coloring area as big as possible, but also give just enough of an edge so that if you wanted to frame it, you could. The images are not placed ‘evenly’ on each page. They are placed so that when the book is trimmed, you still have a full image to color.

The black borders are not part of it except to help you frame it.

Does that make sense? I just don’t want you to think that that is a ‘poor printing issue’… it’s not. It’s the best I can do given the rules of Amazon.

The black edge also provides a border to color to. Personally, I’ve never enjoyed coloring right to an edge… a border was appreciated. I hope you agree.

It’s with all this in mind that I decided to offer the coloring books in PDF so that you can print it yourself on whichever paper you choose and bonus you save on the shipping that was automatically included in the price over on Amazon. When it prints, I’ve tried to reduce the black edge to save some ink for you and also because some people have trouble getting their printer to print edge to edge. If you have a printer that doesn’t play well, you should still be able to print these pages and have some border to them.

The cost on Amazon is $9.99 for a complete, bound book and the cost here is $5.00 for a PDF file you print yourself.

My goal is to earn a simple living and take care of dogs… as many as I can in the years I have left. Your support is greatly appreciated. If you have suggestions or ideas on how to make this enterprise even better, feel free to connect with me.

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