Hey there!
I’ve been doing this podcast for 5 years now. I also have a regular job. And in order to continue producing the podcast, I honestly need some financial support. If you are a listener and feel you benefit from the podcast, I’d like to ask you to make a gift of $10. You just click that floating little coffee cup icon over in the right lower corner and choose your amount. I do appreciate each of you and I enjoy producing this podcast. I unfortunately just cannot keep this time and effort up with no money coming in to cover at least some of it. It’s just too much. And 2024 might have to be the last year I produce this podcast
There have been several people who have made donations and I’m SO appreciative. This message is not intended for you. I’m just hoping that listeners feel the podcast is worth $10 a year.
The Podcast Companion

Ok, I’m assuming you are a listener to the podcast- Think Positive: Daily Affirmations. If not, you can check it out by clicking one of the icons above and go to the platform where you listen to your podcasts. Subscribe and then come back here.

I want to give you some background on this Podcast Companion I created. I do get occasional voicemails and Facebook messages from listeners, and I thought perhaps a particular notebook designed as a companion to the podcast, might be helpful and appreciated.

So, I started to design one. I went back and forth on several parts and finally settled on what we have here. It’s available right now through Amazon (click the link just above).

Each edition covers 4 months.

Again I tried several designs, to try to include more months, but then the printing cost was too high.

If you are not familiar with Amazon’s KDP, it is a Print On Demand platform. It is affordable but not cheap.

I want to be transparent here- I will ‘earn’ $1 for each book sold. The rest of the $8.24 goes to Amazon for printing and shipping.

Don’t get me wrong, that $1 is greatly appreciated. I just wanted you to know the costs here.

I DO hope you try and ultimately decide that you love the companion. But if it’s not for you, I sure hope you remain a listener and do your own thing your own way, and tell friends and family.

I hope you keep them on a shelf where you can take down any one of them at any time and look back.

Also, I hope the companion does not replace the listening to the podcast for you. I mean… don’t jump ahead!!!

I know it would be hard for me to not get ahead if I had the book. You know you better.

I designed this as a companion, not a replacement.

One more thing- I’ve published a few other books on this Amazon platform, and I received my author copies. One of them had a loose page. I just want to say that if there are any printing or binding issues or if it is damaged during shipping, please let Amazon know immediately, and they’ll replace it.

As usual, good reviews helps other people see this book and hopefully then find the podcast.

I appreciate every one of you. Have a spectacular day!

And remember… be kind to yourself.