In August of 2023, a posting came across my Facebook feed saying these two needed homes immediately. And they needed to go together.

The posting was from a local shelter that had several recent abandonment’s and they had to make some hard decisions.

These two had their adoptions fees waived.

While we were not really looking to add to our pack, these two were in need and Leia, being disabled, WAS the sort of dog we wanted to provide a home for.

Hondo was basically an enormous puppy. (Still Is)

They were both lacking in groceries. The shelter did their best to take note and let me know what they could about the dynamic duo, but their info was sketchy.

They thought they were laid back indoor dogs. However, once they started getting regular meals and space to run, they clearly were not laid back NOR indoor dogs.

We very quickly needed to build an outdoor kennel, get them shelter, and secure our fence.

Gotta say that the “secure our fence” is an ongoing project. Hondo could clear a dumptruck and Leia, dragging her disabled leg behind, can dig herself under practically anything.

It’s been a few months now and Leia, at least, seems a bit more agreeable to laying on a couch in the company of the others. Hondo would rather be sailing over dumptrucks or practicing his parkour. I wouldn’t be surprised if a genealogy test came back with a healthy percentage of Belgian Malinois.

They both have strong prey drives. It’s my opinion that they’ve been self-reliant for meals for quite some time. I don’t allow the dogs to chase critters or birds, except turkeys and only on my orders. So that’s a constant job of surveillance.

We did take both to the vet for a ‘getting to know you’ check-up, and see what we might be dealing with with Leia.

That leg was damaged when she was quite young and the top of the leg and last several vertebra are fused. She does feel pain there but is pretty stoic unless Hondo tackles her, which he does far too often.

We talked to the vet about all options and it was his advice to leave it and just try to relive pain.

Given her age and the fact that this issue is not temporary but will be with her the rest of her life, we wanted to find a more natural pain relief that would not destroy her liver and kidneys. Again, that’s an ongoing project.

Also, Leia does not have control of her bladder when asleep. So, we have the pee pads everywhere she lays. I do have diapers for her, but she is so often in and out that I can’t keep up and she will chew them up if I’m not supervising. But she’s a sweetheart.

If you’d like to donate in support to these two furry monsters, every gift is greatly appreciated. (buy me a coffee… or a biscuit).

Hondo & Leia, pics in no order. 🙂