I have been a storyteller since the time I could talk, which was far too early if you ask my family. And I specialize in changing perspectives. I was born and raised in a horse family and business. As an Army brat, I lived my first few years overseas in Southeast Asia, making a few trips back to the states during that time.   It was possibly this early experience that planted the seeds of adventure and exploration that I would spend the rest of my life exercising… or exorcising.

I graduated high school early but by the skin of my teeth. Believing I was clear of this, my father informed me I had three choices: I could either work full-time in the family horse business (something I had already been working in for 17 years and to be honest, was really not excited to continue), or I could go get a job (basically working just as hard as I had worked in the family business but on somebody elses goals and dreams), or I could go to college.

Having graduated with a 1.414 GPA, I felt pretty certain there was no way I was getting into college and thought I could milk the attempt for a few weeks and then hoped my dad would miraculously forget this entire conversation.

However, the local community college did accept me on probation and I grudgingly began my college career. And it turned out that I loved college.

And I was good at it.

Really good at it.

It was a completely different feel than high school. I graduated with a degree in Fine Arts, which at that time was an average degree. Liberal Arts degrees became the butt of many a joke over the years, but are now gaining ground in many fields; the holders being recognized as creative, out-of-the-box thinkers and creators. The innovators of our world.

After graduation, I moved across the country and somewhat quickly found myself working 3 jobs and I fell back into college, this time a business path in an MBA program. I excelled in this coursework and loved it. I had a knack for business. I graduated Summa Cum Laude and hungered for more challenge.

I found my needs met in the changing of perspectives.

I eventually hit the road to explore perspective and after several years, I was ready to create my own space and headed to the Black Hills. It is here that I share a great space with my brother and hold clinics of my own on the topic of perspective, as well as host masterminds who otherwise are virtual.