My view from the deck.

For over two years I tried to contact Camping World of Rapid City to get service on various items and every single time was met with “you need to contact the service department” and then that department would tell me I needed to contact someone else about the warranty. Because they don’t have anybody to send out to fix anything.

It was torture to call them every single time.

It finally became clear a couple weeks ago, when I did a search for Camping World and complaints, that they never had any intention of honoring the extended service warranty. I was also pressured into buying gap insurance. The cost of that useless warranty and unnecessary insurance added 25% to the cost of the camper.

When my online complaints finally ruffled a few feathers, a couple weeks ago, the GM called me and said they would cancel the contract and reimburse me.

Today, the accountant called to get information so they could cut a prorated check to the bank I had financed it through.


On a warranty that they never should have sold me. And no mention of the gap insurance.

So, while I ponder whether I go to small claims court, I have decided that sharing my experience with everybody I can is the east I can do. $3700 is nothing for them. A customer is nothing to them.

They think that a prorated portion, as is their SOP, of the warranty they never should have sold me, and which I called on many times over the last couple years… is ok.

It’s not.

Since coming forward with my little story of absolutely no importance to Camping World, I have heard from many people with similar stories across the country. It is unfortunate that this is not all problem.

I have a combined following of 15,000. I will share this story, my experience, with them (you) often and consistently.

Feel free to share your experience when you share this post. I’m sure I’ll hear a few good experiences. However overall, I expect there to be far more negative.