In an effort to provide great information, and recognizing that a lot of it exists out there, I’m setting aside some prime real estate on my site to share what I can as I find it. I spend a great deal of time reading and researching and writing, but when I find a well-written and thought-provoking article or post, I want to share it as I found it.

As I come across articles that I feel my audience would enjoy and benefit from, I link to them on my site. However, I make no claim as to any other article you may find on the original hosts site. I support only the article I have linked with.

The inclusion of articles does not imply that the author of that article or the site that hosts the original endorse anything on this site. They might. But they might not.

I have made an honest attempt to proceed with current accepted guidelines and practices as to the Fair Use and attribution of works cited here. I use a small excerpt of the beginning of the article or quote from within. I include a direct link to the original source through the title and a “read more” link. I include the authors name. I do not have a comments section on my site, thereby no drawing any of the discussion away from the original source.

Having said all that, if you are the author or the original host with copyright license to an excerpt I have used and you do not want it used on my site, just tell me. As a writer with my own works out there, I can understand and appreciate your feelings and I will simply delete it from my site.