How to hire a speaker … Me!

  • Tell me everything you can about the event. What is happening before and after my scheduled slot? Will there be food before, during or after? Is there a bar? Is this at a hotel or convention center where other events might be scheduled at the same time? Is this the first event of its kind? If not, tell me what sort of speakers or storytellers you have had in the past and how they were received by this same audience.
  • Have a really good idea of what role I’ll play- on and off stage. What do you need me to do? What is the goal of the event? Who is the audience? How long a program is this? Do you need a workshop? Keynote? Long intimate conversation between myself and a couple hundred people? I love drafts and would be happy to help you get creative and think about all sorts of possibilities.



-Fuel Change and Growth

-Promote Awareness

-Inform or Entertain

  • Let me know what it was about my page or bio that piqued your interest and made you think I might be perfect for your event. If I know this, then I know in which direction our process will move. I can tell you how I can best bring out those attributes.
  • Help me contact a few people that you know will be in attendance. I’ll email them and possibly speak to them in person before I go on. This is a great way for me to get a good feel for the audience and help bring them into the conversation.
  • Tell me what is provided with lighting and sound. I can make just about anything work, so this is just a heads up.
  • Let’s make sure we have a great connection and I fit your group’s needs and personality.
  • And provide good bakery.

Dachia- writer, speaker, storyteller.