It was a late stormy night and I was on my lunch break at work. The dog trainer at my store came rushing into the break room with this big black puppy in her arms shouting “we need a name! We need a name! Someone just brought this puppy in after being dumped on the streets. She is only 6 weeks old!”

I didn’t really have much interest in the puppy but figured I’d help suggest a name. It was winter when she was brought in so I thought, why not a winter name? Then I got thinking of movies. The Chronicles of Narnia came to mind. Then the Queen that ruled the winter land came to mind. “Jadis” I spoke softly to myself.

After my break, I nonchalantly walked up to the dog trainer (who was showing off the puppy to other workers) and said what about Jadis? “Perfect!” The dog trainer cried out! I smiled and walked away.

As the store was coming to a close, Jadis was kept in the dog training arena which I had to walk by several times that night. I took a picture of her as she layer down on the floor looking sad and alone and sent it to my husband JOKINGLY saying “isn’t she cute? Can we keep her?”

I was joking because every animal that comes through the door i always ask if we can keep it or get it. Its been a running joke for awhile.He always tells me no. Well all it took was one text message and my husband said “yes.” And that is how we ended up with a surprise puppy! She is now 3yrs old.

Jessica Shannon

adopted dog mom paw prints

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