Best Vacuum Cleaner for Dog Mom’s

To say that I am not a domestic person is an understatement. A couple years ago, I was again getting frustrated with whichever vacuum cleaner we had at the time, which we likely bought from Walmart, and my brother suggested to just go buy a good one.

I shuddered. I did not trust the reviews and I did not like spending money on such things. Especially the money that I thought this was going to demand to get a good one.

I asked my connections on Facebook who had dogs, what they used and were happy with. I got a lot of suggestions but there were two that were repeated many times.

So, I then went to Amazon to check out the prices. Another shudder as my fears were realized. I don’t know about you but spending more than about $50 on a vacuum cleaner was robbery in my opinion.

But I also finally had to realize that the $50 vacuums from Walmart were for normal people… not Dog Moms.

So, I gritted my teeth and probably winced as I pressed the buy button. It arrived needing some sort of assembly. I don’t think it was too bad, but honestly, I didn’t do it myself. I asked my nephew to do and it was done when I got home.

And I then plugged it in and turned it on. I did about 6 square feet of a carpet that was utterly disgusting. And I have a high threshold and tolerance for ‘disgusting’ so for me to use that word is saying something. I’ll need to go dig out those before and after pics. But I also dragged my brother over to see the before and after.

I just made a video for you to see how awesome this vacuum cleaner is. You can check out the current prices at Amazon right here. It’s got boatloads of great reviews and I’m telling you from my own experience.. it’s pretty awesome.

I paid about $200 for it, which for me is a LOT of money on anything but particularly a household appliance type thing. I mean, a dog bed… yeah… but a vacuum?… ugh… like pulling teeth.

But so glad I did.

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