I have been rescuing dogs for almost 30 years now. Started with a yellow lab named Tash who was going to be put down because she was too old to breed anymore.

I offered to take her off of the breeders hands and they gladly gave her to me. I only had 3 years with her before she died of cancer but they were 3 wonderful years. There are many great things about adopting a rescue dog.

I think the best reward by getting a rescue dog is that they tend to strongly bond with the first person who gets them out of a bad situation and shows them patience and love.

Tash was my shadow. I never used a leash with her, she never left my side. I could walk her anywhere in town without a leash and never worry about her leaving.

Tash was not perfect. Being in a puppy mill the first 8 years of her life meant she was not house broken and had separation anxiety. She had never lived in a house. We worked on it and was able to almost have her trained but there were still accidents and she always hated to see me leave. It didn’t matter tho, her sweet demeanor and laid back personality made it so you could never be mad or disappointed in her.

Everyone who met Tash loved her. I was glad to be able to give her 3 good years and let her know what love and caring was all about. So far I have rescued a total of 8 dogs, each has their own story, almost all had terrible pasts. All of them were able to forget their past, learn to trust humans and give me all of their heart. Some took longer than others but at the end each one was special and made my life complete.

Beth Ebert. I do volunteer at a rescue (no physical building, just foster homes around the state) http://www.luckydoggyrescue.org/.

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